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CanvasRx: A Review 

CanvasRx is a medical cannabis information aggregator that specializes in outreach, counselling, and education. The company hosts a vast resource of information on various strain genetics and efficacy, which it utilizes to form its product line-up. CanvasRx is in actuality owned by Aurora Cannabis, who purchased the company to gain access to its counselling services and substantial strain databases.

CanvasRx counselling network connects patients to doctors in their area through Cannabis Clinics, helping to complete the registration process from start to finish. Medical patients who use this service can still select the licensed producers of their choice or go with Aurora for their medical needs.

Medical Cannabis From CanvasRx

CanvasRx makes good on their promise to inform their consumers through inclusive FAQ sheets that preempt consumer questions. Information is at the forefront of their strain profiles, which include detailed product descriptions and information on effects and side effects. High definition images help clients identify products and filters should allow consumers to quickly find their footing on the website.

Despite the affiliation between CanvasRx and Aurora, medical patients have access to information on a range of strains and products from various cannabis producers — many of whom are in direct competition with Aurora. Patients can explore products from Starseed, Tweed, Canna Farms, HEXO, the Peace Naturals Project, and several others, in addition to Aurora brands.

Cannabis 2.0 From CanvasRx

The products offered through CanvasRx are quite extensive, however, it’s essential that consumers understand that CanvasRx connects patients to suppliers and is not a direct supplier.

Medical cannabis consumers who use the service can choose to avoid smoking or vaping altogether, there are many vape cartridges for consumers who prefer vaping and pax pods too. Budderweeds also hosts a vast collection of Cannabis 2.0 products for consumers who desire to avoid smoking and vaping, and Budderweeds products are sold at a discount compared to products from CanvasRx. Here’s a selection of edibles and vapes to explore.

Medical cannabis patients can choose between THC and CBD oils or select an oil that contains both, like WeedMDs Prime Balance oil which touts 25 mg of CBD and THC oil. The THC oils found on-site vary from 10 mg up to 25 mg of THC, and CBD oils range from 10 mg up to 50 mg of CBD.

CanvasRx products also include a wide selection of soft gels and capsules, although the THC and CBD ranges are largely consistent between products and the selection is perhaps unnecessary. There’s a significant variation in pricing too, with options for budget minded buyers or consumers who desire the highest concentration possible.

Though the product lineup is respectable, there are some omissions: medical patients who search through CanvasRx won’t find any edibles listed on the website, or decarb flower to make their own edibles at home. Budderweeds has edibles in an assortment of flavours for chocolate, infused teas, gummies, truffles and more.

Consumers who are seeking high potency extracts might also discover that Canvas lacks some of the products they desire. With only 1 brand of hash and wax crumbles, and only a few options for rosin, consumers will need another LP if they wish to purchase extracts through the medical market.

Dried Flower From CanvasRx

CanvasRx hosts a large portfolio of dried flower strains, and though the collection is vast, many of these strains are also found on the recreational market for the same prices. Budderweeds boasts significantly discounted dried flower — and AAAA strains for just $229 an ounce. Budderweeds also sells budget-friendly single A strains for a mere $69 an ounce. Plus, there are numerous Budderweeds strains from popular lineages like Alien OG, Tom Ford, Hawaiian Cookies and more.

CanvasRx caters to both medical cannabis beginners and more seasoned consumers: THC content for their dried flower can reach as high as 30% for Canna Farms Cold Creek Kush or Truro Secret. Consumers who desire low THC content can find dried flower in the 9-12% range. There’s a reasonable lineup of CBD strains too, and balanced strains which offer THC and CBD in moderate amounts.

Medical cannabis patients can select from Indica, Hybrid, and sativa strains, and there’s quite a few options on CanvasRx for craft, premium, and low cost brands. However, the selection pales in comparison to what’s available on Budderweeds and because prices are the same as the recreational market, there’s no upfront financial benefit to utilizing CanvasRx.

Another issue is the overly-branded strain names from the recreational market. Many other LPs drop the branded strain names when selling products on the medical side to enable patients identify strains by their traditional names. CanvasRx includes traditional strain names in the profiles but the traditional names aren’t displayed when sorting and filtering products. Brand names like Luminarium — the branded name for Delahaze — work well for the recreational market but become a hindrance for medical consumers who are familiar with traditional names.

Budderweeds sells products from the recreational market too, though strains are always identified by their traditional names to help clients find the products they know and love. Budderweeds always includes lineage, as it’s often a solid indicator of effects.

CanvasRx and Budderweeds have a lot in common in terms of strains and THC ranges, but there are notable differences: Budderweeds sells products directly to the consumer, rather than connecting them to a supplier. Budderweeds ranks strains on the traditional A to AAAA scale, which is the long established measurement for cannabis quality from the legacy market. CanvasRx strain profiles don’t distinguish between quality and pricing is a poor indicator.

The Benefits Of Medical Cannabis

All legal-aged Canadians have the right to purchase medical cannabis, and there are countless reasons to choose medical cannabis instead of purchasing from recreational stores or legacy market suppliers. These benefits go beyond fast delivery times and consumer friendly policies:

  • Price: Medical cannabis is sold at discounted rates compared to recreational products. Better still, the majority of recreational strains are also sold through the medical market, so consumers can buy the products they love at a discount.

  • Information: Medical cannabis LPs provide more information about their products than customers can find in brick mortar stores or via online provincial dispensaries. Many LPs include packaging dates, accurate THC percentages, complete terpene profiles, and effects.

  • Trust: For years cannabis patients relied on legacy products to “self-medicate” and even as medical cannabis LPs emerged, some people chose to remain with legacy suppliers. Unlike legacy market products, medical cannabis is regulated and held to an even higher standard than recreational products.

  • Tax Deductible: Your medical cannabis costs can reduce the amount of tax you owe. By claiming medical cannabis as an expense on your taxes, you might even get some money back.

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