How To Roll A Blunt

How To Roll A Blunt

How To Roll A Blunt – Step By Step Guide

As we know, creating art is no easy task. It can be arduous, time consuming and beautifully unique. Rolling a blunt is no different. With any skill, it takes time to perfect and meticulous practice to succeed. For many smokers, blunts are a key component of their day-to-day lifestyle. Whether to unwind at night, enjoy between work or start off the day with, understanding how to roll a refined blunt will save you time and money! With the appropriate tricks and tips, you can soon be a pro at rolling the perfect blunt for yourself, friends or family.

For everything you need to know about rolling a polished blunt each time, check out our ultimate blunt rolling guide 101:

What Blunt Rolling Supplies You’ll Need:

Before you even sit down and start to roll, you need to ensure that you have all the appropriate supplies. Doing this beforehand is essential so you can maintain your focus while rolling without hindrance. Here’s what supplies you’ll need to roll a blunt:

  • Cigars or Blunt Wraps: When practicing how to roll a blunt, it’s in your best interest to have extra wraps in case you need to start over.
  • Weed: What’s a great blunt without premium weed?! Blunts are a terrific way to smoke your stash. Whichever strain you choose to pack in your blunt, make sure it’s perfect for your high.
  • Grinder
  • Small knife
  • Rolling tray

First Method For Blunt Rolling

As you probably expected, there are a few different ways to roll a blunt. For the first method on how to roll a blunt, fold the shorter end of your blunt rapper underneath  your weed. Then, roll back and forth on the blunt using your thumbs. Ensure your index fingers are pressing onto the blunt downward so you have a secure, tight roll and good shaping. Keep an eye on the blunt’s ends to make sure they don’t seal up while you roll.

1. Split The Cigar

After you’ve rolled downward on the blunt, it’s time to find the vein on the cigar. The “vein” is where you’ll be splitting the blunt. For some blunt smokers, moistening the cigar first helps with easier rolling. Use the small knife to split the cigar lengthwise from the butt end of the cigar to the tip (burning end). If you make the common mistake of poking a hole in the cigar wrapper, you can repair it with the adhesive from the rolling papers.

2. Empty The Cigar

After you split the cigar, remove the cigar contents. Push the contents out with your thumb carefully to ensure you do not tear the rapper. This is why we mentioned purchasing a few extra cigars or blunt wraps just in case!

3. Grind The Weed

Time to grind! Grind your favourite strain of choice until you have fluffy consistency. You want to be able to still see small chunks of weed in the grinder to help facilitate airflow when you pack your blunt.

4. Fill The Blunt

After you empty the cigar contents, fill it back up with the good, green stuff! Carefully fill the blunt with your ground weed into the paper. Load it up as fully as possible for a premium blunt. A skinny blunt will likely collapse after you light up and leave you with wasted weed. You can load up in the center of the blunt more heavily then push in on each end to even it out.

5. Make It Even

Arrange the inside contents of the blunt evenly. Rub your index finger and thumb up and down alongside the length of the blunt to make it even.

6. Roll The Blunt

Now it’s the fun part: time to roll your blunt! There are two primary ways to roll your blunt and both work effectively. The first method is to carefully heat the blunt with a lighter slowly to hold the seal and encourage a burn. Run the lighter lengthwise under the blunt seam and around its outside. Avoid holding the lighter too close to the blunt!

7. Seal The Blunt

To seal the blunt, lick the wrapper’s edge and roll the rest of the blunt wrapper over the moistened area. Then, you have your perfect blunt! Admire it quickly, then smoke it slowly to enjoy the warm, gentle buzz of THC.

Second Method For Blunt Rolling

If you weren’t satisfied with the first method on how to roll a blunt or just want to mix it up, check out our second blunt rolling method. You start off by rolling from the blunt’s butt to the tip. Tuck its bottom flap under the top flap of the butt’s end. Repeat this notion as you make your way along the blunt towards its tip.

How To Roll A Vortex Blunt: 3 Easy Steps

Rolling a vortex blunt is actually relatively simple and straightforward. It’s also considered to be much easier than rolling the average blunt.Vortex blunt wraps come equipped with directions located on the back to help make the process even easier. Most vortex blunts are able to hold about a gram of weed or half

  1. To start, open the blunt packaging and take a blunt out. You will see two sides of the stick where you plant your weed in. Spread your weed out evenly on both sides and ensure you tuck one side while you’re working on the other.
  2. After you’ve placed your weed in the blunt, it’s time to roll. To roll, tuck in one side and start rolling from there. Roll, tuck and repeat!
  3. Before you finish, lick the remaining edges to moisten and keep the blunt sturdy. Smoke up and enjoy!

How To Roll A Blunt With A Glass Filter: 3 Easy Steps

Interested in how to roll a blunt with a glass filter? Newer smokers tend to enjoy this method more than smoking with paper. The reason is because it allows you to smoke all of your weed without any resin leaking onto your fingers or lips for a clean smoke.

  1. To start, unwrap the leaf and cut your cigar with a knife straight down lengthwise. This opens the cigar and allows you to empty out its contents easily. Then, moisten your cigar to keep it open.
  2. Pour your herb of choice carefully into the cigar and spread it out evenly into the blunt. To start shaping, fold and roll the blunt upward around your cannabis. When tucking the wrap around the weed, keep the blunt tightly secured. Lick the blunt edge and press down to secure it completely.
  3. Finally, get your glass filter and insert it into the unsealed blunt end. Moisten the end and seal the outer leaf, re-roll it back up, dry and smoke!

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