Cheech’s Private Stash

 Cheech’s Private Stash

Cheech Marin the man behind the brand Cheech’s Private Stash has been a key member in the cannabis community since his iconic movie with Tommy Chong in 1978’s Up In Smoke and became the true cannabis culture icon for people around the world. Soon thereafter, the comedy legend launched his career involving himself in over 60 movies to date and has now become an icon in the legal weed game. Recently, he collaborated with a Nevada based cultivation facility called Redwood Cultivation to launch his new brand called Cheech’s Private Stash. The brand has been launched with four different strains, which are available in purchase by grams or eighths at dispensaries located across the state as well as online. To begin with, Cheech has launched different flower offerings, such as, Do Si Dos, Sour Diesel, Cookie Glue, and Platinum OG.

Cheech's Private Stash - Cheech Marin | BudderWeeds
Cheech’s Private Stash – Cheech Marin | BudderWeeds

The Philosophy Behind Cheech’s Private Stash

Cheech’s Private Stash is a family run business that is focused on offering weed users premium quality products that Cheech would smoke himself. The brand takes pride in offering only premium products to all its customers. The cultivation sites are smaller and this allows them to offer a quality product, which goes above and beyond for customers every time. The quality cannabis is sourced from reputable and reliable growers in communities where there are similar investments and a history and passion for producing quality cannabis. The buds are hand selected and before being packaged, the products are tested rigorously following the strict protocols. In these tests, the products are tested for smell, look, effect, potency, chemicals and taste. Only the matured and quality flowers of cannabis are selected and considered for designing products in Cheech’s Private Stash.

The branding and the presence of the brand in the market is strong because the brand reflects the unique personality of Cheech Marin and his long standing patriarchy for cannabis and the cannabis industry. The company encourages consumers feedback so that they can constantly improve and bring marijuana users the best options possible. The company is focused on engaging experienced people in the community and employs the design skills spearheaded by his daughter who is responsible for taking care of the brand and the cannabis connoisseurship of his son. The company is comprised of his family who are focused on branding and dedicated to delivering quality every time.

Why Choose Cheech Private Stash?

Cheech’s Private Stash is a privately owned company and launched their range of products in collaboration with a Nevada based Cultivation Company. There are a variety of reasons why choosing the brand is safe and worth your while. This brand was created by a cannabis community icon, Cheech Marin who has years of experience and expertise in the cannabis community and knows what tastes and feels amazing. With his product variety, he shares his experiences and love for cannabis while providing you with the best quality weed. Cheech’s Private Stash is the brand that, at the moment, features four different strains and other offerings to suit your unique taste and personality. All the products are hand crafted and packaged, so you will experience only the best quality weed every time you purchase. They are safe and quality tested so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the products when you purchase from Cheech Private Stash. So, be sure to go online or to your nearest retailer and enjoy the quality products from the Cheech’s Private Stash.           

Honoring Cheech Marin

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