Cheech’s Private Stash

Overview of Cheech’s Private Stash

Cheech Marin the man behind the brand Cheech Private Stash has gone up in smoking since he started in 1970s and became the true cannabis culture icon for many. He is known for his chain smoking habits of countless doobies along with his part partner Tommy Chong. Soon the comedy legend has turned into an icon in the legal weed game. Recently, he collaborated with a Nevada based cultivation facility called Redwood Cultivation to launch his new brand called Private Stash. The brand has been launched with four different strains which are available in purchase by gram or eight at its dispensaries located across the state. To start the brand, Cheech has launched different offerings like Do Si Dos, Sour Diesel, Cookie Glue, Platinum OG and the personally approved weed by Ganja GOAT himself. Marin also holds some of the unique cannabis clout which he personally use.

Cheech's Private Stash - Cheech Marin | BudderWeeds

Cheech’s Private Stash – Cheech Marin | BudderWeeds

What is the Philosophy Behind Cheech Private Stash?

Cheech Private Stash is the family run business that is focused towards offering the weed users with premium quality products. The brand takes the pride for offering only good quality and premium products to all its customers. The cultivation is not too large and hence offering quality product is possible which satisfy its customers every time when they use the products of this brand. The quality cannabis are sourced from the reputable and reliable growers in community who has have the same interest and passion for producing quality cannabis. The interesting part is that the buds are hand selected and before it has been packaged the products are tested rigorously by following the strict protocols. In the test the products are tested based on its smell, look, effect and taste. Only the matured and quality flowers of cannabis are selected and considered for designing products of Cheech Private Stash.

The branding and the presence of the bran in the market is higher in priority because the brand reflects the unique personality of Cheech Private Stash and its products. The company is open to all for their feedbacks and options for improvement in the products. The company is focused in engaging only experienced people into the community and workforce and employs the design skills recommended by his daughter who is responsible for taking care of the brand and the cannabis connoisseurship of his son and they both are very strict when it comes to assessing the quality of the final products. The company is a small family crew that is focused towards branding and dedicated for delivery quality every time.

Why Choose Cheech Private Stash?

Cheech Private Stash is the privately owned weed grower and launched their range of products in collaboration with Nevada based Cultivation Company. There are a variety of reasons why choosing the brand is safe and feasible. This is the brand that has been started by cannabis community icon, Cheech Marin and he has years of experiences and expertise in the cannabis community and smoking weeds. With his product ranges he shares his experiences and love for the cannabis and also provides you with the best quality weeds which are legal in your state for smoking.

Cheech Private Stash is the brand that features four different strains and different other offerings to suit your unique taste and personality. All the products are hand crafted and packaged and you are likely to experience only good quality weeds every time you purchase from this brand. They are safe and quality tested so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the products when you buy from Cheech Private Stash. So, enjoy your weeding life with quality products from the brand.

Honoring Cheech Marin

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