Choom Holdings Inc

Choom Holdings Inc

Choom is all about cultivating good times with friends. At its core Choom Holdings Inc is dedicated upon being a lifestyle brand for many who love weed smoking. This fact makes it stand alone in the crowd and competition in the industry. Choom is now focused towards selling experience instead of just simple products. The experience curated by The Choom Gang starts with the name of the company itself. Choom is the brand name inspired by the Choom Gang of Honolulu. It is the group of friends in 1970 from Hawaii who loved to smoke together and the group also includes the former US president Barack Obama. By this name, the group believed that the mantra and spirit of Hawaii is being bought to Mainland and this will be an proof in branding exemplified by Choom. Now, the brand is highly focused towards selling recreational cannabis instead of medical market. So, join Choom today as they are the first company that mainly focused on recreational market in Canada rather than a medical market.

Choom Holdings Inc - The Choom Gang | BudderWeeds
Choom Holdings Inc – The Choom Gang | BudderWeeds

The Choom Gang Operations

Choom is a retail store that currently operating its one solely owned facility in Vancouver and the second facility that are expecting to open soon and it is under negotiation. Choom is now looking forward to expand its operations by increasing the number of chains and facilities and this proves that Choom Holdings Inc is crafting itself to become a major player in cannabis operations, rather than only the sole mass producer of cannabis. It is believed that the second facility of Choom would come with planned future expansions with full bore that the company will produce at a merger of 2400 KG cannabis annually. This is quite higher as compared to the other cannabis companies that only produce tiny amount annually.

This is not only about the increasing volume of cannabis, but it will also increase total profit of the business. The company is now selling cannabis and related products at the rate of $10 per gram. This is the price which is very low as compared to others and you won’t find such rates for premium products. This is possible only because of its mass operations and larger production per year.

The company has two facilities running currently. The first is at Vernon and the second is at Vancouver. The Vernon facility is operated by Medi-Can Health Solutions subsidiary and this facility comprises of 1200 sq. foot building and 6800 sq. ft is dedicated for growing the herbal cannabis. This facility is currently in the second state of licensing process which comprises the detailed review and security clearance. Choom Vernon BC Facility is located in Vancouver Island and this facility is producing around 450 KG of product every year and soon it will seek the license to cultivate cannabis.

Choom Branding

Now the company is tight lipped on the late phase production facilities and it is very open on the future and the current branding strategy. Because of this they take many influences from namesake as possible. It is undeniable fact that Obama is the prime reasons for the popularity of the Choom Gang and this resulting in the pop culture reference with details margining from Hawaiian time. Products like the favorite strains smoked by the group to the vehicles used by the group all has been leaked to media as the time passed on. Considering the list of all popular strains used by the group at that period there is no surprise when the brand viewed Choom investor deck and dedicated some providing of proposed packaging. The brand is now focused towards producing its fourth variants of the product which would be produced one day.

Above all, Choom Holdings Inc produces and delivers premium packaging of all premium items. The brand spend most of their time in packaging the premium products and it will be only hand crafted and this ensures to provide good quality taste of the products even when it is mass produced. This is what the facility is known for across the world. For more information you may check the official website of Choom and know how the brand has established itself as a niche within the industry.


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