Dabbing 101: What Is A Dab?

Over the last decade, the subtle art of dabbing has taken the world by storm. Not to be confused with the popular dance move, dabbing is a method of cannabis consumption which has quickly become one of the most popular ways to ingest cannabinoids    

What Is a Dab?

Put simply, a dab is a serving of cannabis concentrate applied to a hot surface, usually a quartz or titanium nail and vaporized. The vapor is inhaled through a bong-like device, commonly referred to as a rig.  The result is often an intense euphoric effect, much stronger than you would receive from a bong hit or even a bowl of hash, What makes a dab so strong is the fact that you are consuming a concentrated cannabis product that ranges anywhere from 65-90 + percent THC. Compare that potency to the 10-20 percent THC that can be found in an average bud and you will begin to understand  the legend behind the name  

The Name

The term “Dab” is rumored to have come from a phrase muttered while one friend was introducing another to the product. When the friend asked how much concentrate he should consume using this method, the friend replied “A little Dab will do ya” and the rest was history. While this may be just a rumor, any first-time dabber will tell you, it is an absolutely fitting name.

Why People Dab Over Other Consumption Methods

People prefer dabbing over other consumption methods for a variety of reasons, but at the end of the day it all comes down to personal preference. One of the main reasons people choose to dab over other methods is because with dabbing you consume much less product while receiving the same, or a more intense effect. One small dab could provide you with the same effects of smoking a whole joint. Another reason people prefer to dab is because of the intense flavour. Concentrates provide a fuller and more robust flavour than other cannabis products and provide the same taste dab after dab, whereas even the tastiest flower loses its flavour after a quarter of the way through.

What You Need

Most people consider the biggest drawback of dabbing to be the additional tools you will need to consume your concentrates. Sure, you could invest in a vaporizer and still receive the same effects, but the full dabbing experience isn’t complete until you use your own setup. To Dab you’re going to need a few things:
  • A rig. This is where you will consume your concentrates from.
  • A Nail. This is the surface you will apply your concentrates for vaporization.
  • A Dab Tool. This is for applying your concentrates to the nail without getting burnt
  • A Torch. This is to heat the nail.  Brulee torches, propane welders torches, and jet cigar lighters work well.
  • Concentrates. You’re going to need something to dab. Shatter, Wax, Distillate, Honey oil. etc
  • Carb Cap (Optional) This is to dab at lower temperatures

How To Dab

Dabbing for the first time can be confusing so let us break it down in a few simple steps.
  1. Collect your dab on your dab tool. Start small.
  2. Heat your nail with your torch for 30 seconds.
  3. Allow the nail to cool for 30 seconds.
  4. Apply your dab to the nail, inhale, and enjoy.
  5. Cover nail with carb cap to preserve smoke and flavour. (Optional)
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