DNA Genetics Cannabis Seeds

What do you get when a foremost medical cannabis company and a legend seed company join forces? DNA Genetics by Canopy Growth. That’s right, Canopy Growth and DNA Genetics are now producing recreational cannabis strains for Canadians.

It’s a partnership made in heaven, with Canopy Growth being one of the most highly regarded medical cannabis companies in the country, while DNA Genetics is one of the biggest cannabis brands to emerge from Amsterdam.

Producing premium quality seeds from Southern California and shipping it to Amsterdam’s legal market, DNA Genetics has gone on to become a leading brand in cannabis production in all new and upcoming markets across the globe.


Now, they are entering Canada’s legal recreational market!

DNA Genetics Reviews

Given the fact that DNA Genetics has won every award you possible in the Cannabis Cup, it’s safe to say they were a natural fit for recreational cannabis in Canada. For those unfamiliar, the Cannabis Cup is the world’s most renowned cannabis competition.

If you win any category here it’ safe to say you produce some of the best weed in the world!

But you no longer need to wonder if this is the case, as Canopy Growth are now bringing DNA Genetics to the Great White North. Combining their wealth of experience and knowledge, it’s safe to say many amazing strains are on the horizon.

DNA Genetics Cannabis Products

They have cannabis currently available, but most excitingly, the partnership is leading to all kinds of new strain breeding. This means unique genetics inspired by both brands, resulting in some truly groundbreaking weed.

Of course, you want to know about the now, and DNA Genetics has certainly delivered so far. They have a range of strains available at online provincial retail stores that will blow your mind.

Lemon Skunk is hybrid strain suitable for both seasoned smokers and newbies. It’s mid-range THC should offer a pleasant high without feeling too heavy, while it looks incredible. Each bud is a beautiful light-green color with chunky orange hairs. As the name suggests, it has a strong lemon aroma, but be sure to look out for those hints of pepper too.

Chocolate Fondue is a much more powerful strain from DNA Genetics. A Sativa-dominant hybrid, it packs an almighty punch thanks to its 16-26% THC content. The aroma is pungent and unlike most others, with a strong and unforgettable odour.

We expect many new strains from DNA Genetics to hit stores soon. These will vary from classics like Sour Diesel to new strains like we’ve never seen before! Keep an eye out at local online retailers for new releases!

DNA Genetics Alternative: Budderweeds

Speaking of, there are many other fantastic new cannabis brands arriving at stores every day. One brand coming soon to stores near you is Budderweeds. Specialising in craft-grown cannabis products, Budderweeds is developing a range of potent products that will not disappoint.

From premium dried flowers to high-quality cannabis oils, Budderweeds has all bases covered with their upcoming range of cannabis products. New cannabis products from Budderweeds and DNA Genetics are hitting Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis soon!

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