Five Benefits of Cannabis Tincture

Cannabis Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures are widely available from recreational cannabis retailers in Canada, but not everyone is familiar with this product. While produced from the same plant, dried cannabis flower and cannabis tincture are very different forms of cannabis. Dried flower is smoked or vaporized, while tinctures are applied to the mouth or added to food and drink, so each one is quite distant from each other. Anyone that’s never tried cannabis tinctures may wonder if they’re worth buying. In truth, it depends mostly on the preferences and requirements of each person, although tinctures certainly offer plenty of benefits that may them worth consideration. Check out these five benefits of cannabis tinctures if you’re considering trying them!

The Effects are Immediate

Cannabis tincture is typically consumed by adding a few drops of the liquid below the tongue, otherwise known as sublingual administration, which results in almost immediate effects. Smoking and vaporizing take anywhere from 5-15 minutes to hit you, while edibles take even longer at between 1-2 hours. This is great if you want to experience the high as quickly as possible, which is often the case for people using cannabis as a pain killer or for its stimulating effects.

Application is quick and easy

As cannabis tincture is usually sold in a dropper bottle, users have a quick and easy way to administer doses. Simply pull the dropper out, add a few drops under the tongue and then wait a few minutes. There’s no need to grind up the cannabis, roll a joint, or pack a vaporizer, just a quick few drops and you are good to go. This isn’t just convenient but also helpful for controlling doses – start with a single drop and increase as needed.

No need to smoke anything

Smoking weed is always going to be popular but that’s not to say it is for everyone. Cannabis smoke is still dangerous as it damages the respiratory system, causing irritations that lead to excessive coughing, phlegm, and other undesirable effects. Even though vaporizers reduce these risks, the temperature of the vapour is still uncomfortable for many users, especially those new to cannabis. Tinctures have no such issues as they are made entirely of liquid. The THC and CBD are consumed orally without any smoke or vapor, making it arguably the healthiest way to consume cannabis. This is great for people that want to enjoy the various benefits of cannabis without having to smoke anything.

Add it to food and drink

Cannabis edibles are currently illegal despite recreational legalization, so there are no cannabis-infused food products available. You can easily remedy this at home with a cannabis tincture – just add a few drops of oil into food or drink and you’ve got a makeshift edible.

You can use it discreetly

Not everyone wants to announce their cannabis consumption to the world. Sometimes the more subtle ways of consumption are the most desirable, and it doesn’t get more discreet than cannabis tincture. The glass bottle is barely distinguishable from any other tincture or similar product, so most people won’t even know what you’re taking. Consuming a few drops takes mere seconds, so nobody ever needs to know what you’re taking.   Don’t forget to check out what each province is offering through online stores, Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis‘ websites.  
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