Haven St. Premium Cannabis

Haven St is a premier cannabis brand available at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis. Selling dried flower and pre-rolls, Haven St. offers a range of high-end cannabis products rich in flavor and aroma. These come in various strains to accommodate a wide market of cannabis users, from first time smokers to cannabis connoisseurs.


Haven St. Cannabis Reviews

The brand takes a unique approach to marketing their cannabis strains. Each of their strains fall into one of five categories, with several strains found in each of these categories. These categorizations are based around the overall effects of each strain.

For instance, Focus features a selection of strains with balanced THC and CBD that encourage focus and creativity. These are marketed as the 300 range, with each strain featuring a number within this range (e.g. No 301 is a Napali strain, No 302 is a Warlock strain and so on.)

Haven St. Cannabis Products

There are five different strain ranges currently available from Haven St. – Peace, Reset, Focus, Drift, and Rise. The hope is that by categorizing each strain by similar characteristics and effects, users have a better understanding of their cannabis.

For now, there are several strains within a few of these available at provincial stores. These offer a nice preview of what Haven St. has to offer.

Drift is the main range from Haven St, with three different strains currently available. These are all part of the 400s range, which are characterized by their sedative and calming effects. Each of these strains are high in THC and low CBD, typically being Indica or Indica-dominant.

Blueberry Kush is an Indica-dominant strain stylized as No. 401. It has a high THC potency of up to 18% and carries a sweet aroma with earthy notes. The buds are noticeable for their vibrant green and purple hues that are coated with crystals.

LA Confidential is another part of the 400s collection at number 403. It’s also an Indica-dominant strain carries a very high THC of around 20% and is light-green in color. Buds are nice and dense and have a traditionally skunky aroma.

The 300s range was previously mentioned, also known as Focus, featuring strains with balanced THC and CBD content. They are usually hybrid strains chosen for their CBD content that helps to balance out the THC.

Napali CBD (No 301) is a hybrid with moderate THC (8%) and CBD (12%) to encourage focus. Its green and yellow buds feature a lovely tropical aroma with subtle earthy notes. Warlock offers a similar effect as Napali, coming with a similarly balanced THC (9%) and CBD (9%) content.

With five different collections and several strains in each one, Haven St. is just getting started! Many of these products are not yet available but are coming soon to provincial cannabis stores online.

Haven St. Alternative: Budderweeds

Budderweeds is another premium cannabis brand arriving in stores too. Their processes differ slightly from Haven St. but the outcome is the same – only the best quality dried flower products. Budderweeds is also preparing a line of premium cannabis oils, THC Edibles, Pre-rolled joints, THC Concentrates too, so don’t miss out on either brands upcoming releases!