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About Infinity One LLC

A manufacturer has several ways of getting its products to final consumers, can sell it directly or do so through distributors, the latter being a favorable and advantageous decision. Infinity is one of the top cannabis distribution companies in California. They have got an existing partnership with several different companies in the state, allowing you to increase the range of your products. Infinity is also dedicated to providing its brands with the best marketing to ensure that people and other distributors know more about their unique products. And since Infinity is focused on the cannabis industry, they have got the expertise to address specific issues in the industry.

Infinity One LLC - California | BudderWeeds
Infinity One LLC – California | BudderWeeds

What You Should Know About Infinity?

Infinity is a cannabis distributor and a commercial company with a developed structure that has the necessary means to carry out each phase of the process of importation and sale for CBD products within California. We assume all of the responsibility of getting your product to the doorstep of retailers within the state of California. A contract with a cannabis distributor seeks to ensure a long-term, stable and beneficial contractual relationship for both parties, which includes the manufacturer of the CBD product itself.

Infinity becomes the commercial extension of the company, the representative in front of the market and the link between the company and the final customers. So, if you are faced with the difficult decision of defining who or who will be your strategic allies in the distribution of the CBD product in California, reviewing a few aspects will help you verify that you have considered most variables and thus maximize the possibility of having the partner indicated. Infinity will be able to meet specific expectations for retailers, such as product expertise. They have got a huge network of points of sale, to increase the sales of CBD products.

Benefits Of Using Infinity

A CBD product manufacturer or product has several ways of getting its products to final consumers, can sell it directly or do so through distributors, the latter being a favorable and advantageous decision. Selling through Infinity can these:

Competent network: The first advantage of using distributors is that it allows you to be more competent. As a manufacturer you must put all your efforts into the manufacture of the products, however, when you also focus on sales you take time and energy away from the manufacturing process.

Satisfied customers: There is a greater possibility for the exporter to sell large quantities of products, which guarantees in the import market fast deliveries to final customers and a post-service sale.

Distributors have incentivized: Cannabis distributor is more stimulated to sell because they have invested their own money in the purchase of the products. This can lead to an increase in the sales of the CBD brands that they can carry.

Reduced costs to brands: Sales are usually made in reasonable quantities and this reduces the internal administrative costs of the brands as well, since it can be scheduled for deliveries, and will most likely reduce logistics and production expenses, achieving greater economies of scale since the distributor does this on their behalf. On the other hand, investments in market management will be limited, since once the product is dispatched by the exporter, it will be the distributor that takes the most active part and assumes the risk to the final customer.

Infinity One Distribution?

Brands need to use distributors so they can expand their sales to retailers. Distributors have the facility to export and expand the market of a product because they have already created a network. So, if as a merchant you want to try other geographical points, having a distributor is a great advantage. California cannabis distribution is regulated within the state, so Infinity can help penetrate the market in this area. In addition, brands can give the responsibility of customer service to distributors, since they will do those who work directly with the sales points. This reduces the administrative responsibilities of the manufacturers and reduces operating costs. Infinity can act as the middlemen to retailers making it easier for brands to expand their market.


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