The Top 8 Cannabis Strains for Dealing with a Hangover


The Top 8 Cannabis Strains for Dealing with a Hangover

Feeling hungover? Weed can help. Here are the best cannabis strains for a morning pick me up that will have you feeling fresh after even the wildest night out.

Ever since the invention of alcohol, people have been drinking and getting carried away. With the 2020 festive season upon us, celebrations are bound to get a little out of hand. Even during the rest of the year, its always handy to have a hangover cure that works. By smoking high quality marijuana, it may just be possible to completely shake off a hangover – and get nicely stoned at the same time.
Hangovers are notorious for their ability to make the head “bang” and feel kind of like a bunch of dinosaurs are stomping around in your brain. Its enough to turn the most us crazy and doesn’t do well if you have things to do. 

The Top Weed Strains for a Hangover-Cure

Sour Space Candy

When it comes to hangovers, there is nothing more comforting than cuddling into bed and watching Netflix. The relaxing and soothing feelings of a good chill session pairs incredibly well with Sour Space Candy, a strain known for its very high terpene profile. Terpenes contain a host of healing compounds that produce various effects as well as tastes and fragrances. This means that Sour Space Candy is one of the tastiest strains around, and as an added bonus it contains CBD levels above the 16% mark.

The White

It’s not always possible to sleep in and rest up with a hangover, and in cases like these it’s a good idea to opt for a strain that is high in CBG. CBG provides much the same effects and benefits of CBD, but without leaving smokers feeling drowsy or overly tired. In fact, CBG is known for its invigorating high that packs a powerfully soothing punch. Its rare to find a strain that offers the best of both worlds, but The White will have you sorted in no time.

Lifter Sauce

Like The White, Lifter Sauce is high in CBG which makes for a relaxing experience. But it gets even better than this, with Lifter Sauce offering a high CBD content alongside the CBG. The hybrid strain is an awesome choice for curing a hangover.

Purple Kush

Purple Kush contains an impressive terpene profile high in both linalool and myrcene, making this strain a good choice for an evening smoke.

Sour Lemon OG

This strain offers an incredibly euphoric experience, perfect for the days where you can’t laze in bed with a hangover (but you have one anyway).


Trainwreck is known to be an incredibly uplifting strain. The strain is loved by creatives too, and offers bursts of inspiration and feelings of calm happiness. If you want to cure your hangover, put this in your pipe and smoke it.

Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold is among the most popular of all strains used as a hangover cure. The strain contains approximately 20 to 25% THC.


If you’ve completely lost your appetite, you can at the very least enjoy the fruity flavors of the Jillybean strain. The terpene-rich Jillybean is saide to taste like mangoes and peaches, with an earthy undertone. You can count on curing your hangover with Jillybean, allowing all dis-ease in the body and mind to melt away and leave you feeling like you are floating on a cloud.

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