Ontario Cannabis Store

Searching for recreational cannabis in Ontario? Then you’ll need to get familiar with the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), which is the sole retailer of recreational weed in the province. They offer Canadian customers a range of products, including dried flower, pre-rolls, edibles, vape pens, extracts, and CBD oil. They work alongside licensed producers, ensuring quality, and facilitating the stock list of their online store. This is not a brick and mortar establishment — everything you buy from them is purchased online and shipped using Canada Post. Our OCS review will detail the top-selling products in their most popular categories, and details on how to save money on your cannabis orders.

Buy Weed at Ontario Cannabis Store

The Ontario Cannabis Store stocks a dried flower from a range of licensed producers from across Canada. You can search for strains you love or discover new favorites from their shop with the drop-down menu. The store sells sativa, indica, and hybrids. The weight selection depends on the product, but expect to buy in 1g, 7g, 15g, and 28g increments. The max you can buy on the OCS per order is 30 grams.

Best-selling weed at the OCS:

  1. Budderweeds – Pineapple Express: This fruity, high THC strain is priced at $4.10 per gram on the Ontario Cannabis Store. Customers can buy the same Budderweeds’ strain online through the Budderweeds membership card. The process is simple and the rewards are more than worth it. For example, you can order ounces of Pineapple Express for $69, $89, and $109. That’s a discount of 50% or more.
  2. Bingo – Sativa!: A clean, citrusy strain selling for $4.18 a gram.
  3. Bingo – Indica!: An indica-dominant, no-nonsense dried flower for $4.18 a gram.
  4. Pure Sunfarms – Balance 1:1: Divides its THC to CBD content in half and costs $4.20 a gram.

Ontario Cannabis Store Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolls are a shoo-in for lazy summer Sundays and backyard BBQs. You know, when you’re too busy cooking to roll one for yourself. The Ontario Cannabis Store sells pre-rolls from licensed producers in solo plastic pop tops and resealable bags of five or more. Just about any company that offers dried flower by the gram will sell pre-rolls on the side. Here are the latest pre-roll top-sellers on the OCS:
  1. Budderweeds – Super Lemon Haze Pre-Roll: A crisp and high-energy strain that’s ideal for afternoon excursions and intense focus. On the OCS, it is priced at 5.18 a gram. With the Budderweeds membership card, the same pre-roll is priced at $3.98 a gram, $5.98, and $7.98 a gram. You can apply for a membership card on the Budderweeds website and buy weed legally through their ordering system to earn a savings of more than 50% per order.
  2. Re-Up – BLND Pre-Roll: A strain blend based on their favorite flowers for $5.98 a gram.
  3. Good Supply – Grower’s Choice Sativa Pre-Roll: This sativa packs high THC and an apple-tasting finish for $6.50 a gram.
  4. Redecan – Redees Wappa Pre-Roll: Slow-building indica with dominant pine terpenes for $7.13 a gram.

Edibles at Ontario Cannabis Store

Ever since the federal government opened up edibles for legal purchase, consumers have savored the long-lasting effects and the fact that the tasty bites do not have to be smoked or vaped. Edibles come in a variety of products, including gummies, cookies, chocolates, and drinks. The top-selling edibles on the OCS are:
  1. Budderweeds – 1:1 Strawberry Lemonade Sour Gummy: This is a one to one ratio CBD and THC gummy, packing 10mg of each per bite. Consumers on the OCS enjoy its sweet and sour flavor and low pricepoint of $4.50. You can buy the edible even cheaper by applying for a Budderweeds membership card. Members save 50% or more on their purchases.
  2. Foray – Raspberry Vanilla Soft Chews: Sweet creamy flavor topped with a potent THC kick for $6.65 per two pieces.
  3. Trailblazer Snax – Chocolate Snax Mint Bar: Refreshing and with a mellow indica feel for $6.10 per on bar.
  4. Aurora Drift – Soft Baked Chocolate Cookies: A pillowy middle, even better warmed up. Buy a pack for two for $14.20.

Disposable Vape Pens at Ontario Cannabis Store

THC and CBD disposable vape pens take just a few minutes to kick in. The vape products on the OCS are guaranteed to contain no fillers or vitamin K. Vape pens last on average two hundred puffs, and once they’re done, you just toss them out or screw in a new cartridge. The Ontario Cannabis Store’s vape pen best sellers are:
  1. Budderweeds – Pineapple Express Disposable Pen: An easy to love strain and long battery life make this a steal at $5.12/.01 gram. You can save more on the top strains of disposable vape pens by getting a Budderweeds membership card. Our customers earn discounts of over 50%.
  2. Redecan – OG Kush Redee Disposable Pen: $7.13/.01 gram
  3. Hexo – Durban Disposable Pen: $14.38/.01 gram
  4. Sundial – Lift Lemon Riot Disposable Pen: $8.99/.01 gram

Cannabis Extracts at Ontario Cannabis Store

Cannabis Extracts is an umbrella term for a slew of different products. Ontario Cannabis Store’s extract product list is broken down into subcategories. Below, we’ll help you discern the cost variances on the most popular extracts that you can find on the website.

Cannabis Oils

This year, cannabis oils have rocketed in popularity. They are easy to dose and can be added to teas, sodas, and foods. Every brand sells their oils at bespoke concentrations. For example, Emerald sells a 240mg/ml oil for $29.95, while Redecan sells a 30mg/ml oil for $43.50.


Capsules are ideal for accurate THC and CBD dosing, and recreational users that want the benefits of cannabis without the hassle of smoking or vaping. Each brand sells capsules at a specific price point. Some companies advertise 3mg capsules from $10.95 and others sell 6mg capsules for $12.50.


There isn’t as much hash on the OCS than capsules and cannabis oils, but the same rule applies. There is no standard pricing model. You’ll pay what the producer believes the hash is worth, which is anywhere from $19 a gram to $40 a gram.

Resin and Rosin

This highly concentrated THC extract is ideal for dabbing and vaping. It lasts longer than hash and is suitable for experienced cannabis users. It’s also one of the most expensive products per gram, averaging $80 and reaching as high as $110 a gram.


As with resin, shatter is a cannabis concentrate with high levels of THC. Although it looks like candy, this product must be heated at a high temp through a vaporizer. Shatter on the OCS sells for $90 a gram.

CBD Oil at the Ontario Cannabis Store

If you’re interested in cannabis products but eschew from the feeling of THC, then consider an oil containing strictly CBD, or cannabidiol. The Ontario Cannabis Store has opened a page dedicated to CBD oil products, as well as vapes and topicals. Many of the top brands on the website sell drops and sprays. Here are the top CBD oil products on the OCS:
  1. Budderweeds – 500mg Natural Flavor CBD Oil: This tasteless oil contains high-quality CBD at a great price. With this introductory oil, you get 17mg/ml. With CBD, stronger doses work longer, faster, and more effectively, so Budderweeds also sells 1000mg, 2500mg, and 5000mg oils. You can buy Budderweeds CBD oils at up to 50% off with a membership card.
  2. Solei – Free Oil: $20.95 for 11.5mg/ml
  3. Aurora Drift – Oral Mist CBD: $38.50 for 390mg/ml
  4. Dosecan – CBD Oil Spray: $54.95 for 360mg/ml

Ontario Cannabis Store

Ontario Cannabis Store offers customers a trove of recreational weed products from licensed producers throughout Canada. You must purchase their products online; there is no physical OCS store. You can check this page out if you’re looking to buy weed in Toronto. Any products you find in dispensaries within the province, however, will be available on the OCS. Remember that the legal age of recreation cannabis consumption in Ontario is 19, and you must show ID to pick up the order at your local Canada Post office. The folio of cannabis products on offer at the OCS can be overwhelming, so make sure to check reviews for the strains and confections you’re interested in. The biggest complaint of OCS users is that the prices are expensive and the selection varies from month to month. If price and quality on the OCS concern you, know that there are other options. You can save upwards of 50% on your order and buy products that are fresher and last longer with a membership card from Budderweeds. With this easy to obtain card, you can buy the same legal and licensed grower cannabis and save money.


Any or all of these items can be great for any cannabis user. We feel that the products we sell can be enjoyed by anyone who is over the legal age requirement for consuming cannabis, although which type of product you should use may vary depending upon your reasons for using cannabis. Whatever sort of cannabis product you desire, we are confident you can find something to meet your needs when you seek out Budderweeds. Regardless of whether or not what you need is a THC product, a CBD product, or a combination of the two, we are here to help you find whatever you are looking for. As well as the OCS, you can find Budderweeds products at Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis. However, to get the best deals and rates – sign up to a Budderweeds membership card today to Buy Weed Online.