Shelter Market Review

Shelter Market Review

A Review of the Shelter Market Craft Cannabis Program

Recreational cannabis legislation arrived with so much optimism. However, a disjointed rollout and varying provincial approaches left many consumers without dedicated brick and mortar stores, overwhelmed online provincial dispensaries, and dried out, overpriced products. In short, it was a mess.

Access to recreational cannabis has certainly improved since the Cannabis Act came into effect but the medical side has consistently outperformed recreational options. What’s often lost in the conversation is that all legal-aged Canadians have a right to medical cannabis and obtaining a medical document is painless and rewarding.

Shelter Market Medical Cannabis: How to Get Your Medical Document

It can take weeks to obtain a medical document from Shelter Market.

You need to:

  • Compete the Shelter Market Registration Application
  • Answer Registration Questions
  • Send Shelter Market Your Registration Application
  • Send Shelter Market Your Medical Document – but unlike with Budderweeds, to get a medical document that can be used with Shelter Market you need to go to your local doctor. This means that you may have to wait weeks before you can see a doctor.

If you choose Budderweeds, you can get a medical document in no time at all!
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Medical Cannabis From Shelter Market

Shelter Market’s roots date back to 2015 when CEO Mark Hauk established the Saskatchewan Compassion Club and the National Compassion Club; a movement meant to connect chronic pain sufferers with medical documents and affordable cannabis products. Shelter Market launched shortly after the cannabis act passed.

Today, Shelter Market functions as a craft brand aggregator forming a direct line between craft brands and medical cannabis patients. They represent several known craft growers — Organnicraft, Palm Gardens, and Kootenay’s Finest Craft Cannabis — packaging, processing, and distributing under the Shelter Craft name.

As it stands, Shelter Market represents over a dozen craft cannabis brands, but not all products are available at one time. Budderweeds represents a collection of craft cannabis brands and big name LPs, hosting a mix of premium and lower cost cannabis strains: A, AA, AAA, and AAAA products.

Medical cannabis patients can purchase more than just flower from Shelter Market, as they offer vape cartridges, extracts, pre-rolls, oils, edibles, and accessories. Shelter Market definitely caters to cannabis connoisseurs — and though they have selected strains at lower costs, most of their strains are close to $10 a gram. Shelter Market has an expanding product line-up and one which is worthy of mention.

Budderweeds, by comparison, has ounces for as low at $69 and premium AAAA strains for $229 an ounce. The selection is vast.

Shelter Market Reviews: Dried Flower

Taking a deep dive into Shelter Market’s product line-up offers a window into the strengths and weaknesses of their service model. For dried flower, most of the cannabis strains found on their website are either hybrid or Indica: while reviewing their site, the only sativa currently in stock is Rubicon BC Organic Sour Cookies, priced at almost $13 a gram.

Sativa strains are generally a better fit for dealing with exhaustion or the nagging brain fog symptoms which accompany illnesses such as Fibromyalgia and MS. Sativa strains are also excellent for their mood lifting properties. Medical cannabis patients are limited to just one sativa strain with Shelter Market — Budderweeds has dozens — though, there are sativa leaning hybrids from Shelter that could prove effective in combating exhaustion.

The selection of indica and hybrid strains is far more comprehensive, with various terpene profiles and a reasonable THC range to appeal to both novice and more seasoned cannabis consumers; perhaps unnecessary given the focus on craft products as most novice cannabis users are satisfied with generic strains at cheaper prices.

Many of the usual favourites are available on Shelter Market, such as Wedding Cake, Cherry Punch, and several cookie strains. Most of their dried flower is THC dominant, but their Balance strain offers a blend of THC and CBD in equal portions.

Shelter Market Ediles, Vapes, oils & More

As for cannabis 2.0: Shelter Market has some great options. Their edibles include soft chews, gummies, chocolates and dissolvable powders. Much like Budderweeds, Shelter Market edibles are made available from 2mg to 10mg servings. But if your sweet tooth is making the decisions, then Budderweeds has a greater offering of edibles with gummies, chocolates, infused teas, mints, cookies, and even truffles.

Shelter Market’s vapes are also of high quality, featuring popular brands like Greybeard, and the website sells a number of extracts too — pressed hash, resin, terp slush and shatter.

Shelter Market has options for both CBD oil tinctures and THC Oils — including high-strength THC oils up to 30mg dosages. Consumers can opt for gel caps instead, however, their THC dosage is low. Shelter Market includes a limited collection of accessories; a vape pen, integra boost packs, and vape batteries and USB chargers.

Buy Weed Online at Shelter Market

The Shelter Market website is relatively easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. The design is somewhat minimalist, allowing the information to stand out without distracting consumers with intrusive pops and graphics.

Under dried flower there are filters for packaging sizes, terpenes, THC content, subspecies, as well as cultivators and brands. It’s a great feature but also a lot of information and likely too complex for cannabis novices. Seasoned veterans, on the other hand, should make quick work of it and find what they’re looking for in a hurry.

A lack of in-depth product breakdowns presents problems too. Extracts, such as resin, are listed without the necessary information on how to utilize them, and the bombastic THC content will intimidate users who don’t understand the product. Again, the website appears as though it’s geared toward more seasoned cannabis users.

Shelter Market has a FAQ page, but it also lacks answers to many of the questions which new cannabis users might have.

Affordability: Does Shelter Market Offer Cheap Weed?

Shelter Market represents some high quality cultivators; unfortunately, with many of their strains listed above $10 a gram and the focus on craft suppliers only, affordability could present an issue for many medical consumers.

Budderweeds boasts a vast selection of dried flower from single A to AAAA strains — enabling medical cannabis members to take a balanced approach to their treatment, utilizing high quality strains when needed and more affordable options when experiencing fewer symptoms. 

Shelter Market offers sales through their clearance section, but the discounts are modest at best, and most clearance flowers are sold for $8.57 a gram; purchasing in 28 gram bags enhances the savings but only for select strains.

At Budderweeds you’re able to buy weed online for as little as $69 an ounce!

Shelter Market Craft Cannabis: Benefits of Buying Medical vs Recreational or Legacy Market

There are many advantages to choosing medical cannabis instead of trying to find the right strains through the legacy or recreational market. Affordable prices draw consumers to the medical market but it’s the information that often proves most valuable.

#1 Information:

Medical cannabis strains are carefully curated to offer specific relief for symptoms commonly associated with medical conditions. Feeling exhausted? You can easily find the perfect strain on a medical site and complete information on terpene profiles that will not only help you make an informed purchase, but also empower you to identify the right strains yourself in the future.

LPs also include packaging dates on their websites and accurate THC content; anyone who’s purchased from a provincial site is all too familiar with the game of THC roulette, where your product has a wide THC range and might show up on the low end with an old packaging date. With medical cannabis, you know what you’re getting.

#2 Price:

It’s cheaper. Now if you’re searching through budget brands and trying to find the cheapest ounce on the market, you might feel comfortable purchasing on the recreational side. For premium strains — there’s no debate, medical cannabis is much more affordable. Plus, premium strains are of higher quality and potentially provide greater effect.

#3 Trust:

Broad THC ranges have left many consumers disappointed when a product shows up on the low end or below the outlined THC percentage. Medical cannabis is held to a higher standard than recreational or legacy products. If the THC content is listed at 22%, then that’s what you’ll receive.
High standards ensure that there are no pesticides or additives in your cannabis — something that’s not guaranteed when you purchase from the legacy market.

#4 Stock:

There’s nothing more frustrating than relying on a strain for wellness and suddenly discovering that it’s out of stock, just when you need it. Medical cannabis LP’s keep stock of their product and when one strain isn’t available, there’s an alternative that will provide the same benefits.

Shelter Market Reddit

You can find lots of Shelter Market reviews on Reddit.

The Reddit user Tachead7075 says that he left Shelter Market 2 years after being pretty happy, citing high prices with a lack of sales.

We think Shelter Market offer great craft cannabis products, but when you choose your medical cannabis company you should take into account active user feedback. 

You can check out what people are saying about Shelter Market on reddit and decide for yourself. Shelter Market Reviews: The Good and The Bad.

Shelter Market - Final Word

Shelter Market are a great cannabis brand – they’re doing the right things. 

However, if you’re looking for medical cannabis then look no further than Budderweeds. It’s quick, easy and free to get a membership card – then you’ll be able to purchase dried flower for as little as $69 an ounce!

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