Shoppers Drug Mart Cannabis


Shoppers Drug Mart Cannabis

In 2020, consumers have discovered that everything they need can be purchased online, fast and worry-free. Well, almost everything. The recreational cannabis market has been laden with glitches and issues. From understocking favorite strains to moldy flower, there’s a reason the average review for government websites, such as the Ontario Cannabis Store, is two out of five stars.

The Cannabis Act kickstarted Canada’s recreational cannabis market, and it has yet learned how to operate successfully. The dispensaries are few and far between, so when you search “dispensary near me” you’re left with few options. It’ll take time for the training wheels to come off, and until then, consumers have been using the medical cannabis system with zero problems.

Purchasing cannabis with a medical card is easy, and because the companies are third-party, they run blissfully smooth, without the snags miring the recreational government shops. There is no catch to the medical system; ordering works just like with anything else you buy online. You can order medical cannabis from any device in our home or office — heck, you can order it while waiting in line for your lunchtime Starbucks pick-me-up. Well, it is easy if your order from Budderweeds. We have a fast sign up process, unlike some of the other companies on the market.

Medical marijuana has been legal since 2001; that’s over 17 years senior to the recreational side. It’s tested and approved by millions of cardholders that renew their prescriptions because the system works. It works so well, in fact, nationwide companies, such as Shoppers Drug Mart, are getting into the medical cannabis business.

It’s a good time to own a medical marijuana card, and in the article below, we’ll explain why you should make the switch from recreational cannabis to the medical side

Top 3 Reasons to Get a Medical Marijuana Card

While anyone over the legal age limit can buy recreational cannabis, it’s not a perfect system. You often have to buy multiple strains to find the right one for your [] or migraines. The guesswork can lead to frustration, and many patients quit before they garner any success.

With a medical marijuana card, you’ll get expert advice from leading practitioners well versed in the benefits of cannabis. They have treated thousands of people with similar conditions as you, and their advice will save you time, money, and stress. The licensed producers work in tandem with your platform of choice to fulfill prescriptions without any downtime. That means the dried flower, edible, oil, or topical will be at your doorstep when you need it.

You can purchase quality cannabis from a host of suppliers. There are big names such as Tilray, Redecan, and Aurora, plus brands that focus solely on the medicinal side of marijuana, including Satipharm and Medipharm Labs. Because Budderweeds and Shoppers Drug Mart are regulated by Health Canada, be assured that the products are just as safe and legal as the medication you pick up at the pharmacy.

The only step in your way from authentic cannabis products at a reduced cost is getting a medical marijuana card. We’ll explain the steps to obtaining a card later in the article. In the meantime, here are the top three reasons to get a medical card. You’ll also get to see some of the differences between Shoppers Drug Mart Cannabis and Budderweeds.

1. Accurate Treatment

Patients that buy marijuana on the recreational market must guess what products will help them with their discomfort. Going undiagnosed for too long can lead to worsened problems and frustration, let alone the cost of buying cannabis that is not right for you.

By applying for a medical card, you are connected to a team of doctors or health professionals that can direct you to dried flower, capsules, or oils that are proven to help your condition. Often, marijuana is only part of your health plan, which could also include secondary medications and suggestions for an active lifestyle.

To find out if your condition or symptoms can be allayed with medical cannabis, consider seeing a local doctor open to such medications. If you do not have a doctor or wish to speak to a professional over email and phone, contact Budderweeds. Using their platform enables you to speak to a nurse. For more info on marijuana treatment options or a list of symptoms suggested for the drug, read the Health Canada website.

Shoppers Drug Mart has partnered with HelloMD to handle their new patient onboarding. You will need an account with them to proceed to the Shoppers product list. If you’d prefer a more streamlined process without third-party circumvention, opt for the Budderweeds program; they have an in-house team and can have your medical cannabis card delivered to you within 24 hours.

2. Cheaper Costs and Insurance Coverage

The truth is recreational weed is expensive. It is taxed heavily and you won’t find compassionate pricing options on the provincial online retailers. Medical marijuana can be up to 50% cheaper. This is the same product that you will find on a website such as Ontario Cannabis Store, but at a discount. Those suffering from financial hardship, veterans, and seniors can also get a reduced price from medical cannabis platforms.

Another benefit is insurance coverage and tax credit. Many company health plans cover a percentage of your cannabis cost, but only if you purchase through a federally-licensed company, such as Shoppers Drug Mart or Budderweeds. This is also true of your tax return, so save those receipts for the end of the year.

3. Guaranteed Stock

Legalizing cannabis was just one intersection on a long road with many bumps, stops, and turns. Customers often say the biggest issue with recreational cannabis is the stock issues. Products are often sold out, and when they are in stock, they aren’t fresh.

Medical cannabis is considered a prescribed drug and an essential service, so it cannot be sold out. Companies such as Redecan sign contracts guaranteeing stock. Imagine ordering antibiotics and being told there isn’t any? It’s the same for medical marijuana. For reliable weed without the meddlesome hurdles, get a medical cannabis card.

Medical Cannabis by Shoppers Drug Mart

The Medical Cannabis subsidiary of Shoppers Drug Mart aims to bridge the gap between existing Shoppers patients and cannabis suppliers. While there were rumors of Shoppers Drug Mart entering the cannabis sector, it wasn’t until April of 2020 that they opened their website for orders. They began in Alberta, but have since expanded, offering the same service to customers in British Columbia to Nova Scotia.

They sell products from the major LPs, such as Tilray and Aurora, as well as the top medical cannabis brands MedRelief and Aphria. In total, Shoppers Drug Mart has partnerships with 23 brands, and this list is growing. As with Budderweeds, they allow patients to use one web portal to purchase their cannabis from a retinue of companies. This eliminates the hassle of picking products off multiple websites. They offer free shipping over $100; sometimes they have sales on their best-selling products.

Unlike Budderweeds, the target market for Shoppers medical cannabis is men and women in their fifties and sixties. So while they offer indica, sativa, and hybrid dried flower, their product list caters to smokeless medicines. This means CBD and THC oils, edibles, capsules, and other cannabis 2.0 products. Oftentimes, their deals are targeted to seniors. For example, their latest incentive is 20% off for seniors.

Expect to see mostly medical cannabis brands on their website, and because they’re new, choices are not as robust as Budderweeds. On the plus side, the website is easy to use and has multiple filter features, so you can narrow down your search by strain, THC level, and product type. Despite the connection to the brick and mortar Shoppers stores, you cannot pick up your prescription; regardless of what you order, the products will be delivered to you via Canada Post.

Using the Shopper Drug Mart cannabis platform also puts you in direct contact with their support team. You can contact them 24/7 to discuss your treatment options or ask about strains. They cannot help you get a medical card. To help new customers get a medical card, Shoppers Drug Mart has teamed up with HelloMD. This is a well-known company which we’ll discuss later in the article.

If you already have a medical card, you can have it transferred over to the Shoppers Drug Mart system. Is it worth moving your file to them or Budderweeds? Let’s take a look at the cannabis products at Shoppers Drug Mart to find out.

What Cannabis Products Does Shoppers Sell?

You won’t find many craft cannabis brands or smaller LPs at Shoppers Drug Mart. The company has signed partnerships with top medical suppliers such as CanniMed, FlowrRx, and Weedmd. To compete with other cannabis sellers, they have waived the dispensing fee on all orders, and as with the recreational side, tax is included in the list price.

Medical Cannabis by Shoppers Drug Mart sells a range of dried flower. There are sativas, indicas, and hybrids of varying THC and CBD levels. You can narrow down your cannabinoid search by choosing THC dominant, CBD dominant, or Balanced. This is great for patients with doctor prescriptions warning against too much THC or not enough CBD. They sell flower in 5-gram allotments, netting the patient a price reduction of around one dollar a gram. Patients can also take advantage of compassionate pricing if they qualify.

The website has been updated with some cannabis 2.0 products, too. You can buy chocolate squares and gummies in single or double packs. Other cannabis 2.0 products include vape cartridges, drink mixers, topicals, and concentrates. Because the website focuses on seniors, you won’t find any concentrates on the website, nor vape cartridges. At present, there is only a single concentrate, which is a pressed hash. Similarly, the topicals are limited to a single CBD cream. Over the next few months, the dearth should fill in, although it’s hard to say how much attention Shoppers Drug Mart will pay to certain categories.

On the accessories side, Shoppers sells a range of vaporizers for dried flower and concentrates. There’s a few grinders and charging docks, and a battery or two for your cartridge vapes. You won’t find any bongs, pipes, or storage solutions. This could change as the website expands its stocklist, but it’s hard to tell at this point if it’ll ever compare to the recreational cannabis websites or your local headshop.

Another upside of purchasing medical cannabis through Shoppers Drug Mart is same-day delivery to large city centers, such as the Greater Toronto Area and Greater Vancouver Area. To take advantage of the offer, order your cannabis products before noon and have a valid city address. Services like fast delivery and no fees help Shoppers Drug Mart and Budderweeds rise above their medical cannabis competitors.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card?

You need a medical marijuana card to purchase anything on the Shoppers Drug Mart and Budderweeds websites. The process for both companies is similar. If you have a medical card you plan to transfer over, just use the contact link and they can do the rest. To begin a new medical marijuana card application with Budderweeds, it couldn’t be simpler. You just have to fill out their online form and a medical professional will contact you within 24 hours.

Shoppers Drug Mart has partnered with HelloMD to handle their incoming patients. Below, we’ll talk a little about the company and what to expect from their medical card application.

Who Is HelloMD?

HelloMD began in 2014 as a resource platform for educating potential medical cannabis patients. They connect individuals suffering from illness, pain, and anxiety with health professionals who can determine if cannabis is right for them.

Today, their team of doctors, nurses, and health coaches work with third-party medical marijuana retailers like Shoppers Drug Mart to facilitate the paperwork and complete the approval process.

The medical professionals at HelloMD are not affiliated with Shoppers Drug Mart; they are not like the pharmacists you see employed in the stores. You begin the form by creating a HelloMD account, and filling in some information about yourself, including your email, postal address, and birthdate.

As with the Budderweeds process, you can complete the form within 30 minutes. Patients in the modern medical cannabis system do not have to enter a consultation room or visit a doctor in-person. You will need a video-enabled device, such as a laptop or smartphone, because HelloMD staff must confirm your identity. This consultation is free of charge; there are no hidden fees or costs tacked on to your first medical cannabis purchase with Shoppers Drug Mart.

The consultation isn’t meant to screen you out or test your cannabis knowledge. The online conversation that you have with a Budderweeds or HelloMD doctor is meant to guide you towards medicines that will allay your pain or quell your anxiety.

Remember, these are professionals that deal with hundreds of patients a day; they know what treatments work and which ones you should avoid, so don’t be shy — ask questions and be honest about your health concerns.

HelloMD cannot fill prescriptions. They can only guide you towards the best medicines to fill the prescription written by your family doctor. This is where Budderweeds has an advantage; as a government-sanctioned website, they can fill your prescription and approve your medical cannabis card at the same time.

The Steps to Medical Card with HelloMD

Get a prescription from your doctor

Talk to your doctor about cannabis as a treatment for your medical ailment. If you do not have a doctor, use the Budderweeds application instead of Shopper Drug Mart.

Fill out an online application

You can complete the application from home, without having to go into an office or pharmacy. It should take you under thirty minutes to complete.

Book video consult with a health professional

The doctor or nurse will ask you a few questions and confirm your identity. It’s free and won’t take more than five minutes.

Receive your Medical Cannabis Card via email

HelloMD will approve the application within ten minutes of the videocall. You can use the card once it is emailed to you.

Shoppers Drug Mart Cannabis – Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a medical marijuana card last?

A medical card can last anywhere between three months and a year. Talk to your healthcare provider about renewing your medical card or extending the expiration date.

What Is the Legal Age for a Medical Marijuana Card?

You must be a landed resident or Canadian citizen to apply for a medical marijuana card in Canada. The legal age for a medical card depends on the province. In Alberta, residents must be 18 years of age or older. In Quebec, you must be 21. In the remainder of provinces and territories, including British Columbia and Ontario, residents must be 19 years old. Underage patients can get a medical card, but the approval process is done on a case-by-case basis, and it requires the written consent of a parent or guardian.

Who Is Eligible for a Medical Marijuana Card?

If you meet the basic requirements set out by the Federal Government, you can get a medical marijuana card. You must meet the minimum legal age of your province and have medical documentation validated by a health professional. During your approval process with Shoppers Drug Mart or Budderweeds, a nurse will confirm your documentation and decide if medical marijuana will help you with your diagnosed ailment.

Where to Order Medical Marijuana?

To purchase medical cannabis, you have options. Patients can directly contact licensed producers for their orders. The most popular, however, would be government-approved websites, many of which have been online since before recreational cannabis legalization.

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