Canadians and cannabis advocates the world over rejoiced on October 17, 2018, when Canada became the second country and the first G7 nation to legalize adult-use recreational cannabis. The Cannabis Act (Bill C-45) was issued by Health Canada and is everything you need to know about medical and recreational cannabis.

Canada is leading the way but still faces a few hurdles. You may be wary of high prices and accessibility. If you’re searching for “legal marijuana near me,” you may not find a convenient physical location.

In particular, Ontario botched the roll-out of legal dispensaries, causing a glut of supply and palpable frustration from producers, vendors, and consumers alike. If this time in history has taught us anything, e-commerce is essential and here to stay.

There’s nothing more convenient than having your cannabis delivered right to your doorstep. Shopping online is a breeze, too. You can shop at your office, at a coffee shop, at your house, virtually anywhere at any time. Research and product comparisons are simple and ensure that you’re getting the best value. You can read reviews, participate in forums, subscribe to social media, and get real in-depth knowledge about a company or product.

In other words, it’s time to buy weed online in Canada. In the time of social distancing, it’s best to stay safe, especially if you’re immunocompromised. For so many people, cannabis is an essential part of their lives.

In fact, medical marijuana was legal in Canada well before recreational use. Medical marijuana in Canada was legalized in July 2001 when Health Canada introduced Marihuana Medical Access Regulations. At the time, Canada was only the second country whose government ran a cannabis health program.

With recreational cannabis legal, you may wonder why there’s still a need for medical marijuana. Why can’t people just self prescribe?

Advantages of Getting a Medical Marijuana Card

There are many advantages to getting a medical marijuana card. It’s a magic ticket for convenience and value. While you can get legal marijuana in Canada for recreational use, you’ll have to do a lot of leg work to find the right strain for your symptoms or condition.

Mail order marijuana has taken off, especially with the global pandemic; shopping online is here to stay. Patients can buy weed online directly from licensed producers (LPs) like Aurora or CannMart as well as eCommerce sites sanctioned by each province, such as the Ontario Cannabis Store or SQDC.

Medical marijuana cards allow you to get expert information from health professionals who specialize in this field. While we still recommend researching products, companies, and your particular health concern, you can speak to doctors, nurses, and health care providers at LPs who have a better grasp of treatment options.

Filling your prescription with an LP is safe, period. They are regulated by Health Canada and must pass regular inspections and comply with strict regulations. Alternatively, while it may seem just as convenient, purchasing from the Black Market puts your health and safety at risk.

Getting a medical marijuana card is essential if you have a qualifying medical condition. Health Canada has “licensed more producers in the last year than in the 4 previous years combined. The increasing number of licensed producers enables: competitive prices, more supply of cannabis, and an increased availability of a range of products.”

Purchasing online from a licensed producer like CannMart or Budderweeds gives you:

1. Personalized Care

Your health and safety are paramount when you commit to a medical marijuana card because you can have a doctor oversee your regimen. Your treatment may be a blend of things, including marijuana, and you can work with your doctor to support your specific needs. Your prescription can tell you what strains to take, what forms to take, and the amount to dose.

If you self-medicate, you’ll be in the dark on a lot of things. You may waste valuable time and energy as you go through trial and error. For example, you may choose a strain that worsens your symptoms. You may also be taking a dosage that’s too low or too high. Don’t waste your money, time, or effort.

You can talk directly to LP’s like CannMart or Budderweeds’ doctors, nurses, or medical professionals to determine whether you are eligible for a medical marijuana card. Once approved, you’ll be eligible for lower prices and delivery direct to your doorstep.

If you’d like more information on medical cannabis, check out the official site of Health Canada.

Like CannMart, Budderweeds serves the legal, medical market but makes it easier to receive a membership card. Any unnecessary impediments are removed, and no-third party contact is required. In contrast, CannMart requires you to leave the site and acquire a medical marijuana card through a third-party site. Budderweeds’ streamlined approach makes it your one-stop-shop for high-quality medical marijuana in Canada.

2. Lower Prices, Tax Deduction, and Insurance Coverage

Medical marijuana prices are markedly lower than their recreational counterparts. You also have discounted compassionate pricing available at certain retailers, including CannMart and BudderWeeds. There are also programs if you’re on government assistance, or your household income is below a certain threshold.

Make sure you check with your employer to go over the coverage of your company’s insurance plan. Medical marijuana coverage is becoming more prevalent. Insurers have covered medical marijuana for [] and multiple sclerosis.

You can also keep your receipts and claim your medical marijuana prescriptions as the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) recognizes this as a medical expense.

3. Private Strains and Assured Supply

Some LPs and retailers reserve batches exclusively for patients, allowing you to try strains to which recreational users won’t have access. In other words, if you use these unique strains, you won’t have to compete with recreational consumers. LPs also give assurances that they will always have medical strains and supplies available. They will never be sold out. Cannabis has been deemed an essential service, so it’s imperative that patients always have access to their medication.

Why Medical Marijuana?

As the name suggests, there are medical uses for cannabis.

Where to Get Medical Cannabis?

You can get medical cannabis from provincial government-sanctioned websites or directly from licensed producers, but there are two in particular that we’d like to focus on CannMart and Budderweeds.


Unlike most licensed producers in Canada, CannMart does not cultivate its own hemp. CannaMart started as the first sales-only licensed producer in Canada, with only two licensed producers and three strains. Like Budderweeds, CannMart is an aggregator of medical cannabis and gives patients the opportunity to select from a wide variety of hand-selected strains and products without the need to jump from LP to LP.

CannMart adheres to the strict regulations of the Cannabis Act. The cannabis products that they purchase all come from Government of Canada approved licensed producers. As a subsidiary of Namaste Technologies, CannMart is part of a larger cannabis experience.

Namaste Technologies bills itself as Your Everything Cannabis Store™. More than 30 websites in over 20 countries make Namaste the world’s biggest cannabis e-commerce platform.

CannMart is unique because it only offers hand-picked medical cannabis products; however, their product catalog continues to grow. While cultivating licensed producers sell their brands directly to consumers, they can also partner with CannMart to sell through this exclusive medical platform.

Several LPs sell through CannMart, some you can’t find anywhere else. There are also CBD products available and general cannabis accessories. Prices are reasonable, and the site is simple and easy to navigate.

CannMart also runs a Craft Cannabis Program. Not only does the program give CannMart access to exclusive strains, but it also provides craft cultivators and Micro Processors access to resources, including financial and regulatory support, as well as exposure to a national consumer base. CannMart will dedicate a section on its eCommerce platform to these small-batch cannabis products. This Craft Cannabis Program is a win-win for Micro Cultivators and Micro Processors and CannMart.

Consumers can look forward to exclusive cannabis oils and extracts from these Micro Cultivators through the CannMart website. Rest assured, all cannabis products must comply with Health Canada regulations.

What Can You Find at CannMart?

Namaste Technologies markets CannMart as “your everything cannabis store.” Let’s start with flower. CannMart offers indicas, sativas, and hybrid strains all grown by LPs approved by Health Canada. Prices vary, but there is a section for “deals” if your primary concern is the cost. You can also see the THC and CBD content, as well as customer reviews. There’s even a terpene profile breakdown so that you get a sense of the taste and aroma.

CannMart also offers a handful of pre-rolls and cannabis derivative products known as cannabis 2.0 products: edibles, vapes, oils, CBD, and skincare. Vapes were the first cannabis 2.0 offering, and there are a few vape options available from a couple of different LPs.The edibles are in the process of rolling out with chocolates and confectionaries. Oils come in tinctures, soft gels, and capsules. CBD products are limited for now, but it’s promising to see. Likewise, skincare products are limited.

CannMart has a selection of accessories to ensure your safety. Pipes and bongs range in material, size, and price. There’s also a selection of both portable and desktop vaporizers to go along with their vape cartridges. CannMart offers health and wellness products, which is a nice touch for a medical platform.

One of the brands that CannMart offers is Ignite, an international global lifestyle brand that provides both cannabis products and accessories. This partnership is an example of CannMart’s commitment to bringing trusted brands to the medical cannabis space.

CannMart has reached agreements with provincial governments, including the Ontario Cannabis Store, the only legal online retailer in a province with Canada’s largest population. CannMart also brings same-day delivery to the Greater Toronto Area through Pineapple Express Delivery Inc.

Home delivery is essential during these pandemic times and further highlights the service that CannMart and Budderweeds bring. CannMart’s same-day delivery is available if patients in the Greater Toronto Area order before 3 pm and can expect their order to arrive between 6 pm and 10 pm. Check the Terms and Conditions to see if you’re in the delivery zone.

First thing’s first: How do you get a medical marijuana card?

If you’re purchasing non-cannabis products like vaporizers or accessories from CannMart, you don’t need a medical card. Buying medical marijuana requires a medical marijuana card. With CannMart, you’ll first need to create an account to register your medical card. The process is simple.

If you do not yet have a medical marijuana card, you can go to Namaste MD, another Namaste Technologies subsidiary. Namaste MD is the country’s first telemedicine app that’s compliant with Health Canada.

Who is Namaste MD?

Namaste MD allows you to get your medical cannabis card without having to visit a physical location. Like Budderweeds and other LPs, you can apply for your medical cannabis card from the convenience of your home, office, or wherever you feel comfortable.

Namaste MD allows patients a discreet, hassle-free way to apply for a medical cannabis card. Like Budderweeds, Namaste MD makes the application process as easy, quick, and secure as possible. Whether applying through Budderweeds or Namaste MD, patients go through a streamlined process at their convenience and discretion.

All a patient needs is the ability to go online with camera access to go through the application process. People no longer have to go into medical offices to go through a consultation. Namaste MD and Budderweeds create a safe space for patients to talk to a doctor or nurse practitioner for a free telemedical consultation. Speaking to a healthcare professional with cannabis experience is invaluable. They talk to patients with similar symptoms and conditions every day, so they have a good sense of what works. Plus, speaking to someone live, face-to-face allows you to ask questions and get some peace of mind. and allow patients to connect with medical professionals to be able to gain medical marijuana cards. Unlike Namaste MD, Budderweeds not only issues medical cannabis cards but also fills prescriptions on the same site.

Namaste MD can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices. This helpful mobile app was the country’s first virtual patient consultation portal. Namaste MD is easier and more convenient than if you were to gain your medical cannabis card from a physical clinic. The site and app are safe and secure.

In conjunction with CannMart, Namaste MD is a vital resource for medical cannabis patients. With Namaste MD, you can speak to a medical professional and get approved for a medical cannabis card. Once you have your card, you can then shop cannabis products from different LPs on

How Does Namaste MD work?

Complete the online application

Fill in your contact info, including what medical conditions you think cannabis may help with and proof of identification.

Have a video consultation with a nurse

Schedule a free, short video conference with one of the nurse practitioners Namaste MD has on staff.

Get your medical marijuana card

Once approved, you’ll get your medical card in a matter of minutes. An automatic registration to your specified LP happens within the same day.

Namaste MD also allows patients to renew prescriptions.

When does my Medical Marijuana card expire?

Medical cannabis cards can be valid from three months to twelve months. It’s up to your healthcare provider to determine when your medical cannabis card expires.

What’s the Legal Age for Getting a Medical Cannabis Card?

Legal residents of Canada can apply for a medical cannabis card. Residents of Quebec and Alberta must be 18 years old, while residents of the other provinces must be 19 years old. If a patient is underage, they must have a parent or guardian with them during their virtual consultation. Doctors won’t allow underage patients to have access to medical cannabis without the consent of an adult.

Who Can Get a Medical Marijuana Card?

According to your province, you may apply for a medical marijuana card if you are of legal age and a legal resident. To be eligible, you must have valid medical documentation that specifies your diagnosis by a healthcare provider. Whether you go through Namaste MD or Budderweeds, the licensed cannabis healthcare professional you speak to during your virtual consultation will go over your medical information that you provide and determine whether you’re eligible for a medical marijuana card.

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