How long does CBD stay in your system?

How long do the effects of CBD last

In short, CBD stays in your system for 2-6 hours.

When you jump into the world of CBD products, you never know what you’ll find. A lot of CBD companies add creative and tasty new consumables to our list monthly, and our growing customer base is never short on questions. Recently, we’ve noticed an influx of purchasers asking: How long do the effects of CBD last?

That’s a great question, and below, we explain everything you need to know about CBD and how it affects you. The information we give is accurate for any product you buy with CBD, not just ours.

How Does CBD Affect Me?

CBD oils, edibles, and vapes are made from broad spectrum, full spectrum or isolate CBD extracts. But before we get into the details of CBD and how it affects you, we need to state an obvious but important fact. While we can estimate how long CBD’s effects last on you, we can’t precisely nail down an answer. That’s because everyone’s body will interact with CBD differently.

We’ve had some CBD customers say that regular strength CBD oils were more than enough for them, whilst the feedback of others say that even 1,500 isn’t enough.

If you’re new to CBD, start with a small dose and increase it until you find your desired effects. You can use our estimations to help schedule your redosing times.

How Long Do the Effects of CBD Last?

How you consume CBD alters how long the effects of CBD last. A vape product, for example, will kick in much faster and pitter out quicker than a CBD edible. So to properly answer our topic question, we must look at every type of CBD product separately.

When you buy your CBD, consider what type of experience and time frame you want to enjoy. Do you want something fast acting for quick pain relief or stress reduction? Or do you want long-lasting effects for inflammation or [] sickness? We recommend keeping this question in mind when reading our list below.

Will CBD cause me to fail a drug test?

CBD should contain less than 0.3% THC. This is a very small amount, and THC is only prevalent in Full Spectrum CBD, so there is a chance you will fail a drug test.

However, if you use THC Free CBD oil, that is made from an isolate or broad spectrum then you should not fail a drug test as the THC content in there is undetectable.

CBD Oil or Tinctures

CBD oils were the original product that consumers purchased to enjoy the effects of hemp-based cannabidiol. As such, it’s still one of our most popular purchases. CBD oils contain either an isolate, full-spectrum or broad spectrum extract. You can add it to food and drinks, or you can take it straight.

Cannabidiol suspended in oil must pass through your gut wall and liver, which takes around an hour. You can speed up this process by dosing CBD oil sublingually. That means you place the dose under your tongue and wait about a minute. Capillaries under your tongue extract the vital compounds and send them directly to your bloodstream. Customers often feel the effects of sublingual administration within thirty minutes. You can expect a CBD oil to last you around three to four hours.

CBD Edibles and Beverages

Like CBD oils, CBD edibles contain a CBD isolate that’s suspended in the mixture. When you consume some yummy Strawberry gummies, your body must digest them before you feel the effects. The downside to this method is that it takes around an hour to feel the effects.

Edibles are one of the longest-lasting options for CBD consumption; you’ll feel a dose of edibles for around five to six hours. We recommend eating or drinking CBD products on an empty stomach so that more of the compound reaches your bloodstream.

Beverages such as CBD tea use a nano CBD isolate. That means the CBD molecules have been broken into smaller pieces; they pass through your gut wall and liver faster and kick in around thirty minutes. Expect to feel the effects of a beverage for around three to four hours.

CBD Vapes

Your lungs connect directly to your bloodstream, and as such, you’ll feel the effects of CBD vapes within five minutes! They’re the fastest consumable CBD method. But the downside is that the effects don’t last very long. Within two to three hours the CBD fades from your system.

CBD Topicals and Personal Lubricants

Since we have Endocannabinoid System receptors in every organ in our bodies, your skin can also be used as a pathway to equilibrium or a new kink to Friday night. CBD creams and lotions slowly penetrate your epidermis, then send the CBD compounds into your bloodstream. Expect a CBD topical to kick in within an hour to an hour and a half; they last around five hours.

CBD personal lubricants, like Dani Pepper’s CBD lube Orgasm Enhancer, use nanotechnology and the Balance CBD muscle relief cream. That means they work fast, within thirty minutes. Expect the titillation to last around three hours.

How Much CBD Can You Take?

One reason why consumers love CBD is that there’s no risk of overdose. You can consume as much CBD as you want. But we recommend starting low and increase your dose as you go. Like THC, if you over-consume CBD you can develop a tolerance level. Taking high doses every day will only lead to consuming even higher doses.

Based on the information above, you can see how mixing up how you consume CBD makes for stronger effects than simply taking more. A CBD oil in the morning can help you manage your long commute, for example, and a CBD edible with your lunch will kick in slowly throughout the afternoon.

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