Spinach Cannabis

Spinach is a newly launched cannabis brand that is part of the medical cannabis company Cronos Group. A fun and friendly brand that’s all about quality cannabis, Spinach has launched various products across provincial stores nationwide.


Spinach Cannabis Reviews

Their bud is seriously good, with a nice blend of strains that suit various levels of users. From first-time hitters to long-term stoners, Spinach has a strain for everyone. A few of these are currently available at online recreational stores, while many more are coming soon.

Spinach Cannabis Products

Currently, there are three dried cannabis flower strains available at stores, with plans for an additional two to launch any day. These are sold in standard weights and in pre-roll joints, the latter offering a convenient way to try their strains.

Sensi Star is a timeless Indica strain that most cannabis users are familiar with. Spinach has produced a wonderful quality Sensi Star with an impressively high THC content of 15-24%. Probably not the best for first-time users, those that know their weed will certainly find a lot to love.

Terpenes in this strain include myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene, resulting in a wonderful aroma and flavor profile. This includes a blend of sweet and sour, subtle hints of pine, and finishing with a fresh fruity aroma.

Diesel offers an uplifting high that makes it a great choice for social smokes with friends. THC is 13-23% so definitely on the higher side, although it’s such a happy buzz that most won’t notice. The bud is coated with white crystals and bursting with fiery orange hairs.

Like any good diesel strain, Spinach’s Diesel has that unforgettable aroma that features a sour citrusy blend, finished with diesel.

Dancehall is a Sativa-dominant hybrid from Spinach. It’s one of their least potent strains at just 2-10% THC but comes with a higher CBD content at 3-12%. This is a good choice for a mellow experience, with a lack of THC making it perfect for first-timers.

It doesn’t overwhelm or cloud the mind, offering clarity and energy that many are sure to enjoy. Plus, the flavor profile isn’t too bad either, including fruity melons, floral undertones, and a subtle spiciness.

You will find these strains at all major provincial online retail stores today! Not only that, two more are arriving soon, with many more slated for the future.

Spinach Cannabis Alternative: Budderweeds

Spinach is not the only new recreational cannabis brand on the market – countless others continue to arrive. That includes Budderweeds, a premium cannabis brand set to launch very soon that is is Health Canada approved. Budderweeds is all about craft-grown cannabis.

This means hand-selected strains that are carefully cultivated to ensure only the best characteristics. They have a good range of new strains arriving soon which are hand-crafted to ensure the highest standard of bud. Additionally, Budderweeds is releasing flavor cannabis oils for easier cannabis consumption.

Like Spinach, you’ll find Budderweeds cannabis products hitting Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis very soon. Don’t miss out on their upcoming launch -it’s going to be a big one!

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