Strain Review: Black Widow by Lyss Harwood

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For my first review, there was no question on which strain I was going to write about first; it had to be Budderweeds brand Black Widow, a hybrid, and was eager as this was an unfamiliar strain! I had obviously heard of White Widow, but what was this Black widow and how was she related? Immediately my first impression of this strain was it’s deliciously potent, sweet aroma, accompanied by bold hints of citrus and earthiness. All together the symphony of terpenes alone had me infatuated by this strain before even taking a good look at the buds.

Visually Black Widow was on par with her incredible scent, the buds incredibly resinous and coated in trichomes, sparkling with every move in the light like diamonds! The buds were a healthy green (under all the crystalline kief) and had long, orange pistils that emerged from the sea of resin. The buds were dense and super sticky with the trichomes coating the buds. The buds cracked open to reveal a trove of even more resin within the flower, leaving my fingers sticky after. My only critique was that the flower could’ve been manicured a bit better, but that didn’t deter me from trying this new strain out.

60x macro shot of my Black Widow, showing just how coated the buds are with trichomes

To make sure I did my first review accurate as I could, I sampled the bud after waking up unmedicated and with a clean palette to properly take in all the strain had to offer. I packed approximately 3/4 of a gram in my just-cleaned chillum, for a pure and clean sampling. My first impression after my first inhale was that this was incredibly smooth cannabis, and would rank it as one of the smoothest I’ve yet to have the pleasure of enjoying. My intakes of smoke were surprisingly nearly tasteless, with only soft hints of the sweet & earthy terpenes she had offered to my nostrils.

The first effect I felt was immediate and in my eyes; it was that feeling when you can just tell your eyes are glazing over. Within minutes my entire body and mind were so light, I was completely relaxed, letting me forget about my depression and anxiety. About 10 minutes in, my body was pleasantly numb and tingling, dissolving my rib pain into almost nothing. 30 minutes after medicating, my cerebral high had very suddenly intensified and I could no longer focus, at that point I just let my entire mind and body rest and relax.

The physical and cerebral effects overall were quite heavy, and extremely long lasting compared to other strains I’ve had, having noted that even 2 hours after my consumption I was still feeling some of the strong hybrid’s effects. I would definitely recommend this strain to experienced cannabis consumers and patients who are especially looking for pain relief, stress relief and sedating effects. Novice cannabis users should beware, as this has tested in as high as 28% THC. As it even heavily affected me, a seasoned cannabis patient with quite a high tolerance, it could be too much for someone with no tolerance, causing paranoia and discomfort.

Immediately after I had smoked my bowl, I did some research into the strain’s lineage and history. I found it odd to have not heard of Black Widow, and without any prior knowledge on the strain, I had automatically assumed her to be tied genetically to White Widow. After some brief reading, to my surprise and great interest, Black Widow was not bred from White Widow at all, but rather is White Widow herself! Now I was super intrigued, leaving me with a ton of questions. Had I had this strain all along unknowingly? Why was it renamed? So I went back to the beginning of Black Widow, then known as White Widow, to get the answers.

White Widow was bred in Holland in the early 90s by cannabis breeder Shantibaba, who then was apart of GHS (Green House Seeds). Earning the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995, this strain quickly became a popular choice for both recreational users and patients because of its effects. It was sought out by recreational users due to it’s intense physical and cerebral effects that some describe as being psychedelic; it has been a favorite strain available in Amsterdam cafes for decades. Patients sought White Widow out for pain, insomnia, and depression among other ailments.


In 1998 Shantibaba left GHS and sold his share of the company, taking White Widow’s original Brazilian Sativa mother and her resinous south Indian Indica-dominant father with him in his parting. He then founded Mr. Nice Seed Bank and renamed the strain Black Widow, as GHS had supposedly used seeds that Shantibaba left behind to create an inbred line of ‘White Widow’, and he wanted to distinguish the true genetics of the strain. Black Widow is considered among most in the cannabis community now as the only true ‘White Widow’ available, due to Shantibaba having the original parental plants and therefore the original genetics of the strain.

Overall, Black Widow impressed me. Her only shortcoming was the bud’s manicure job, which is really minor in the scheme of things when she impressed me in every other way! From her divine terpene profile to her amazingly smooth finish, I have to say I would definitely seek out Black Widow again from Budderweeds! It helped incredibly with my depression and anxiety, numbing my pain and helping me achieve a full good nights rest which honestly rarely happens. The long-lasting effects are a blessing, having to medicate less often leaves more time for living life and also saves money! If you happen to suffer from any of the ailments I do and have a tolerance to cannabis, I definitely recommend Black Widow, as it’s strong and lasting effects combined make it an amazing medicinal strain for patients.


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