Guava Dawg Strain

Guava Dawg Strain

Guava Dawg

If you’re looking for something to really blow you away, the Guava Dawg marijuana strain is it! This potent herb is packed with THC and carries a tantalizing berry diesel aroma that’s sure to leave you impressed!

If cannabis strains were celebrities, Guava Dawg would certainly be on the A-list!

Guava Dawg is the alpha dog of cannabis strains available on the legal market today and it’s easy to see why! With a massive THC level ranging from 22-25%, this Indica-dominant hybrid packs a powerful punch that won’t disappoint. Guava Dawg has gained notoriety for its potent effects and delicious berry diesel aroma, so if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, try this strain today!

Get ready to experience the complete body high that comes with Guava Dawg. This powerful strain is known for its impressive 22-25% THC level and unique berry diesel aroma. Not only will your creativity be elevated and carefree, but you’ll also be left with an unforgettable taste that has users begging for more! So make sure to double bag this one, because there’s no denying the power of Guava Dawg!

You won’t believe it until you experience it! Despite its pungent aroma, the Guava Dawg strain is known for its sweet, tropical flavor when you exhale.

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