The Sisters of CBD

Who is The Sisters of CBD?

The Sisters of The Valley, or Sisters of CBD, came to the surface through a short news article. The Sisters were being called the “Weed Nuns” by VICE and “Sister Act-ivists” by others. They are always photographed wearing traditional habit style clothes and are completely surrounded by lush, green cannabis plants. Their grow was in danger when a proposed ban on marijuana came up and they weren’t sure they’d be able to continue providing CBD rich products to those in need. They became media darlings overnight.


They are the ones who believe the Earth provides a ton of natural resources to medicate the sick – one of which is cannabis.

If you spend some time to take a closer look into the Sisters and it is quite easy to see that they really are doing a lot of good. Their etsy store has 30 pages of mostly 5 star reviews of their products, thanking the Sisters.

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