Tweed Cannabis

Tweed is a popular recreational cannabis brand that is part of the Canopy Growth company. Starting out in the medical market, the brand produced many innovative products including soft-gels and cannabis-based sexual enhancement products. Now, they are taking this same innovative approach to the recreational market.


Tweed Cannabis Reviews

With a range of outstanding cannabis strains and a consumer-friendly approach, Tweed looks set to take the market by storm.

A range of cannabis products are already available at provincial stores and many more are coming soon. This proves to be exciting times for cannabis connoisseurs that know all about Tweed’s fantastic weed products!

Tweed Cannabis Products

Argyle is an Indica-dominant strain with an earthy aroma. With a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio, it’s one of the most balanced highs around. It features dense green buds with bright-orange hairs.

Highlands is another Indica-dominant strain that traces its genetics to the famous Afghan cannabis family. Densely packed flowers produce a beautiful aroma and flavor profile punctuated with cloves, pine, and earthy undertones.

Expect a relaxing high from Highlands that encourages a great night’s sleep and general happiness. THC levels are on the higher side however, averaging between 16-25%, so experience is recommended before trying this strain.

Houndstooth is Sativa-dominant strain that also carries a high THC average of 12- 20.%. Its buds take on gorgeous purple hue while the aroma is very complex. This includes a potent earthy aroma with subtle hints of pine, as well as lemon and clove undertones.

Donegal is a variation of Chemdawg, a famous strain that birthed some of the world’s favorite diesel breeds.

Taking on any of these characteristics, Donegal is a sativa-dominant strain that carries subtle hints of pine, clove, and hops. The high is also similar Chemdawg and diesel strains.

These are just a few of Tweed’s impressive line-up of cannabis products. Many are coming soon to provincial stores, including a variety of strains in pre-rolls, dried flower, cannabis oils, and soft-gels. Better still, once the appropriate licensing is attained, Tweed plans on opening their very own stores throughout the county.

In the meantime, you will find a good selection of Tweed strains at online stores in each province. You’ll find them at online provincial stores including Alberta Cannabis, Ontario Cannabis Store, BC Cannabis Store, and Societe Quebec de Cannabis.

Tweed Cannabis Alternative: Budderweeds

Tweed isn’t the only recreational brand hitting these stores either – many new brands arrive every day. Budderweeds is a new recreational cannabis brand that is arriving at provincial stores very soon. Specializing in craft-grown cannabis products, Budderweeds line-up of dried flower strains is worth keep an eye out for. Sign up today and become an exclusive part of the Budderweeds community!

Not only does Budderweeds offer high-quality dried flower cannabis products but also cannabis oils. Derived from the best strains around, Budderweeds cannabis oils offer a luxurious treat for the mind and body. Be sure to monitor your Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis stock for news about Budderweeds products!