Buy Weed Online in Hamilton


Buy Weed Online in Hamilton

Whether you’re visiting the city or call it home, there are many places to buy weed in Hamilton and get weed delivery to your door. Once the industrial hub of Southern Ontario, in recent years Hamilton’s younger population has boomed. That’s thanks to the lower rent prices, selfie-worthy landmarks like Sherman Falls, and lush parks; all things that are slowly vanishing from Toronto.

The influx of bars, nightclubs, and coffee houses has also spurned a new batch of recreational cannabis shops, known as dispensaries, to open up across the city. Below, we’ll let you in on the best prices of weed in Hamilton, how to buy weed in the city, the weed laws in Ontario, and much more!

Hamilton Weed at the Best Prices

Did you know that every dispensary in Hamilton sells weed at different prices? That means the Lemon Haze you buy over in Albion Falls might be three dollars cheaper a gram than a dispensary in Meadowlands. The key is to buy your recreational cannabis from a regulated brand. That way, you’ll avoid paying too much for a lesser quality product.

A regulated brand, such as Budderweeds, guarantees that its dried flower and edibles are top quality, and the price is the same regardless of where you buy them. Budderweeds is legal and approved for sale online by the federal government. Buying from Budderweeds means you will:

  • Experience some of the best weed in Hamilton
  • Relish peace of mind with lab-tested cannabis
  • Buy pharmaceutical-grade product at a discount
  • Adhere to federal laws and regulations

Cannabis Culture in Hamilton

Since 2019, recreational cannabis has been legal in Hamilton. But that doesn’t mean you can smoke it everywhere. Make sure to adhere to the Ontario weed laws, which we detail later in the article.

Hamilton has over ten dispensaries. Most of them are located in central Hamilton, but you can find them as far out as Stoney Creek and Grimsby. Just remember that, when you buy weed in-store, you must have your ID on you and you must be 19 years of age or older. Recreational weed can be purchased by residents of Canada and out-of-province tourists.

How to Buy Weed Online in Hamilton

Hamilton may seem like a smaller city than it’s neighbor to the east, Toronto, but its heart beats as loud as any metropolis. Along with riotous nightclubs and five-star restaurants, Hamilton offers dispensaries where you can buy quality weed.

Dispensaries will sell regulated and unregulated marijuana. Often, the casual shopper cannot tell the difference, because the dried flower is sitting in a jar behind a counter without any branding.

We recommend always buying your weed from regulated brands, like Budderweeds. A regulated cannabis brand has been approved by Health Canada to sell to recreational or medical customers. The best way to buy safe and legal weed in Hamilton is online. With a federally-licensed online retailer, you’re guaranteed to get legal products.

Aside from third-party dispensaries and bespoke online retailers, you can also buy weed from the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS). This website has been approved for recreational sales to Ontario customers.

Hamilton Online Cannabis Retailers

Know that you have two options when buying from an online cannabis retailer. For recreational weed, you must buy through the Ontario Cannabis Store. The OCS will ship your weed via Canada Post and it will arrive in brand packaging and sealed for freshness.

Your second option, and the most affordable option, is to buy direct from your favorite brand. By signing up for a Budderweeds membership, you can buy legal weed that’s up to 50% cheaper than the OCS.

Risk-Free Weed Delivery in Hamilton

Your Budderweeds orders will ship risk-free with Canada Post. It’s the identical service that’s provided to you by the Ontario Cannabis Store. Once your package has been sent from our facility, you’ll receive a tracking number so you can follow your order from our door to yours.

As with any legal weed purchase delivered by mail, show your ID at your local post office when picking up the package.

Mail Order Marijuana in Hamilton

Looking to order marijuana safely and legally through the mail to your home in Hamilton? Then try the Budderweeds membership.

Our free membership works just like a Medical Cannabis Authorization Card. Anyone can get a Budderweeds membership, and it can be completed entirely online. Our members save money on every order. Here’s how you obtain a membership:

  • Fill out this quick form
  • Verify your age and identity with our helpful staff
  • Receive a Budderweeds membership card through email
  • Buy A to AAAA quality weed on

Purchase Weed Ontario

To buy weed in Ontario, you must be 19 years of age or older. That’s it! Gone are the interviews with health practitioners and a detailed overview of your medical history. So long as you have a valid government ID, you can buy weed in Ontario.

Weed Laws in Ontario

Unlike the USA or England, the weed laws surrounding recreational weed in Canada have changed. Since June of 2018, cannabis has been legal to buy in Ontario. But you must buy from dispensaries approved by Health Canada, or online websites, such as Budderweeds.

Best Cannabis Strains to Buy in Hamilton

Hamilton is a thriving city with a growing population under 40, so their cannabis tastes are varied. Expect to find a spate of Sativas for daily toking and a few heavy Indicas for weekend lounging. Here are some of the best strains in Hamilton:

Best Online Cannabis Retailer in Hamilton

There are many great cannabis retailers online that deliver to Hamilton. And sure, we’re a little biased, but we know that the best has to be Budderweeds. We’ve been in the cannabis business for over five years. Our weed is grown in Canada and we’ve delivered top strains to satisfied customers from Kamloops to St. John’s.

Budderweeds sells dried flower, edibles, topicals, vapes, and a host of CBD products, too. We recommend you compare our prices to the Ontario Cannabis Store to get a better sense of our great deals.

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