Whistler Cannabis Co.

Whistler Cannabis Co. is a new recreational cannabis brand from Whistler Medical Marijuana Corporation. As a producer of some of the finest quality medical cannabis, the company’s foray into the legal market is great news. Consumers now get to enjoy the same quality grown cannabis, with a wide range of cannabis products hitting stores.


Whistler Cannabis Co. Reviews

You will find Whistler Cannabis Co. products at all major provincial stores. This includes Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis. Not all Whistler Cannabis Co. products are available at each store, so make sure to check to see what’s available in your province.

Whistler Cannabis Co. Products

There are currently around four strains available from Whistler Cannabis Co. with plans for more to come. These vary in strength, strain type, and flavor profile, although all of them are high-quality cannabis.

Acapulco Gold is a beautiful-looking Sativa strain from Whistler Cannabis Co. It’s one of the most famous strains around, regarded for its wonderful flavor profile and buds that resemble golden nuggets.

This is due to the vibrant orange hairs and the gold, green, and brown hues of the resin coating the bud. It doesn’t just look good though, it has a wonderful aroma and flavor too. This includes a very sweet profile that almost resembles toffee. Acapulco Gold is on the stronger side too, with an average THC content of 17-18%.

BC Rockstar is a rising star in British Columbia’s medical marijuana market and now it’s available for recreational customers. Originating as a medical cannabis strain means it has some seriously good medicinal qualities.

It’s a potent Indica strain with a high THC content of around 23%. It takes effect quite quickly but won’t overwhelm, instead providing a relaxing and mellow high. Resin coated with a sweet aroma, BC Rockstar works up one heck of an appetite so have your munchies ready!

Chocolope is a sativa strain notable for rich earthy flavor punctuated with sweetness and subtle hints of coffee. The effects are very positive too, providing a euphoric head high that quickly deals with stress. At 19% THC it is quite a potent strain with cerebral effects, so experience is advised prior to consumption.

Whistler Cannabis Co.’s Hindu Kush is a classic pure Indica strain known for its incredible resin coating. Traditionally this resin was made to use premium quality hash the world over. However, the dried flower is certainly good enough on its own. It has a moderately high range of THC at 16%, while the effects are very relaxing on the mind and body. The distinct aroma is characterized as both woody and earthy, with subtle sweet undertones that round it out nicely.

These strains are only a few of what Whistler Cannabis Co. has on offer. Many more are expected in the future, so look out for these at your local provincial stores.

Whistler Cannabis Co. Alternative: Budderweeds

Another cannabis brand worth looking out for is Budderweeds. Like Whistler Cannabis Co., Budderweeds produces premium quality recreational cannabis, but also cannabis oil products. Both products offer a wonderful high and are available in various strains.

Budderweeds is launching cannabis products very soon – don’t miss out on them! Sign up today and become an exclusive part of the Budderweeds community!