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Ace Valley Cannabis is a new Canadian cannabis brand from the people behind Ace Hill beer. Their goal is to offer simple but high-quality cannabis products, with strains that are easy to understand and even easier to enjoy.

Societe Quebecoise du Cannabis SAQ SQDC

Rather than creating a huge list of cannabis strains with different names, Ace Valley does things much simpler. Their strains are marked as either Sativa or CBD, so consumers know exactly what they are getting with their purchase. There are no crazy names for these strains, just plain and simple categorizing.

It’s a welcome approach to the typical cannabis marketing approach. Rather than trying to work out the different strain names and what they offer, Ace Valley Cannabis has the information as plain as possible. This avoids any unnecessary confusion about what you are buying!

Despite their simple names, Ace Valley’s cannabis products are far from basic. These are premium quality strains that are high in THC or CBD depending on what you want. Cultivation processes are done to ensure that the cannabis is pure, potent, and simple to understand.

Of course, cannabis connoisseurs like to know what type of strain they are smoking, so Ace Valley does provide this information. They just don’t overly market their strains with these names.

For instance, their main Sativa strain is simply called Ace Valley Sativa. However, as there are many Sativa strains out there, it helps to know where this comes from to understand the characteristics of the product.

Ace Valley Sativa is therefore also known as Ice Cream. It’s given this name due to the smooth vanilla undertones and creamy flavour. The strain is hand-trimmed and non-irradiated to ensure the utmost quality in every smoke.

Additionally, the THC is quite impressive, ranging from 7.42 – 17.62%, with standard 3g and 7.5g packages available. It is also sold in pre-roll joints for more convenience.

For those that don’t want as intense a strain, Ace Valley’s CBD strain is a good choice. This dried flower is also known as Durga Mata CBD, and as a much more balanced CBD and THC content, with a 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC.

This strain is especially good for new users. The high THC content is often overwhelming for those new to cannabis, so the moderate levels in this strain are great. Ranging from 5-6.5%, there is certainly enough THC to get a nice high, while the high CBD (9-12%) content offers many benefits.

These products are currently available at all recreational online stores in Canada. This includes Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.

You will also find a range of other impressive cannabis brands appearing on these sites very soon, such as Budderweeds. A craft-grown cannabis brand producing premium quality cannabis flower and oils, Budderweeds is up there with Ace Valley in quality products – keep an eye out for them in the future!

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