AltaVie is an emerging cannabis brand currently found at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store, Societe Quebec de Cannabis in Canada. Suitable for the new and regular users alike, their products are varied, with a great selection of dried flower strains.

As an off-shoot of popular medical cannabis producer MedReleaf, AltaVie produces cannabis with wellness in mind. These are high-quality cannabis strains that offer positive effects on both the mind and body. If you love your cannabis then this a brand worth keeping an eye out for.

With a selection of cannabis strains to choose from, AltaVie has a nice balance to their products.

For example, AltaVie currently produces around half a dozen dried flower strains. These include Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains, not to mention strains high in CBD. This is good because it lets you get the right cannabis for whatever you need.

Those looking for a potent cannabis strain needn’t look further than AltaVie’s Cabaret. A sativa-dominant strain, it has a high THC content of 16-20%, so expect a nice euphoric high from the weed. There is a sweetness to Cabaret, with an almost grapefruit-like aroma that makes it very enjoyable to consume.

Airplane Mode is an Indica-dominant strain with a mid-to-high THC content of 14-17%. Notable for its light green colour and bright orange hairs, it carries a unique earthy aroma worth trying.

Those looking for a less intense high should check out AltaVie’s Harmonic and Campfire strains. Harmonic sativa-dominant strain with a low-to-mid THC content and around 10% CBD content. This offers a balanced high that is nice and mellow, providing a good stimulus for creativity and focus.

Campfire has even less THC, with a mild 5% content, which is good for those trying for the first time, or if you have things to do that day so don’t want to be too baked. Featuring a nice floral aroma, Campfire also has a good CBD content of around 6-7%, helping inspire happiness and focus.

AltaVie’s North Star CBD is a great option for those less interested in getting high. It’s a pure CBD strain that produces a pleasant floral aroma with an earthy and almost fruity undertone.

As you can see, AltaVie has a fantastic selection of dried cannabis flower to suit all tastes and preferences. Expect many more to be released over the coming months, along with various other new cannabis brands.

Budderweeds is a new cannabis brand arriving soon to the same retailers stocking AltaVie products. Selling both dried flower and cannabis oils from craft grown flowers, Budderweeds is a brand worth checking out. Using meticulous growing processes, every Budderweeds product is rich in flavour and high in quality.

Budderweeds is arriving soon at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.

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