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Medical cannabis patients in Canada are likely familiar with Aurora. Aurora are one of the biggest cannabis companies on the market. Buying stuff online is supposed to be easy, right? E-commerce has increased tenfold in the last year; we buy everything from sweaters to lawnmowers through the web, and yet one business that hasn’t met consumer expectations is cannabis.

Although Canada legalized recreational marijuana in 2018, the industry has been bogged down by glitches, empty shelves, and moldy products. Customers have complained that their concerns are not taken seriously. In a nutshell, it’s a mess.

The medical cannabis industry is unaffected by these fretsome problems. Companies operating for the benefit of their patients run smoother. What most Canadians don’t realize is that getting a medical card is fast, and the little effort it does take can earn them big savings. On average, medical cannabis patients save ten to fifty percent on their cannabis orders.

In the following article, we’ll go in-depth with two companies that specialize in medical cannabis: Aurora Medical and Budderweeds. These are established brands that offer big savings and a reliable product to thousands of Canadian patients. We’ll also explain the reasons why you should get a medical card, and the steps to obtaining one.

If you’ve ever been unsatisfied with your recreational product, whether it’s the price, the quality, or the lack of customer service, then read on.

Aurora Medical Card

The first thing most customers realize when they try purchasing medical marijuana is how refreshing the process is. You are no longer a nameless digit, but a patient with specific needs. When you get a medical card, your medical history is contrasted with the company’s list of products to ensure you get the right medicine for your diagnosis. That means you spend less money testing out dried flowers or topicals that are incompatible with your personal history.

The cannabis market is big. Really big. Licensed producers create thousands of product every year, and they save their best and most reliable stock for the medical market. That’s because medical suppliers like Aurora Medical and Budderweeds ensure their customers that their dried flower and edibles are accurate and tailored to various specifications, such as high THC or 1:1 THC and CBD ratios.

Moreover, the ordering system has been streamlined for patient care. From the moment you are given your medical card, you can expect the products you add to your cart to arrive speedily to your door without the shipping failures seen on the recreational side. Fulfilling a prescription is a precise process; it’s the same one that your pharmacist adheres to, and medical cannabis companies take it seriously.

We’ll cover the steps to obtaining a medical card further on in this article. Right now, check out the top three reasons to get a medical Marijuana Card:

1. Accurate Treatment

Modern cannabis science is developing at a rapid pace. There are new studies published monthly that detail how THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids potentially affect illnesses and pain. When you buy recreational marijuana, you are essentially guessing how that strain will interact with you and your other medications.

With so many cannabis options on the market today, having a trained professional by your side is paramount. With medical marijuana, you speak to a doctor or health professional that matches you with cannabis strains and products. This can mean buying a high THC strain versus a moderate one, or the right capsules at specific dosages. Edibles can be part of your treatment option — whatever you are comfortable with. Many patients do not smoke their cannabis at all. To learn more about medical cannabis, head over to Health Canada.

The government of Canada has deemed over fifty conditions and illnesses as treatable with cannabis. Some of these affect millions of citizens every year, including anxiety and sleep disorders. By purchasing a medical card through Aurora Medical or Budderweeds, you are given access to professionals that diagnose patients just like you every day. You are not alone. When you apply for your membership card, make sure to speak openly about your conditions. That way, the nurse or doctor can better streamline your cannabis products to serve you.

We’ll talk more about Aurora Medical’s application process later in the article. Just know that Budderweeds accurate treatment differs in some important ways. Unlike Aurora, the company does not require you to have a doctor’s prescription because they have health professionals who can write it for you. By removing the third-party barriers, you do not have to wait a week or more for your medical card. Within less than 24 hours, you can switch over from recreational cannabis to the personal and in-depth system provided by Budderweeds.

2. Cheaper Costs and Insurance Coverage

It’s no secret that recreational cannabis is expensive. Journalists close to the subject often argue that the high prices keep some people, especially patients, without the access they need. Medical cannabis is different. The system was designed to be patient-focus, unlike the profit-centered approach of recreational weed. Customers who buy from Aurora Medical and Budderweeds receive discounts of anywhere from 15 to fifty percent.

For those suffering economic hardship, you can apply for compassionate pricing. The process takes as little as five minutes and can save you hundreds of dollars off your yearly medication costs. If you are a Canadian veteran you can also apply for savings. On top of these benefits, anyone who buys medical marijuana can save money during tax season. Save your cannabis receipts and hand them into the CRA along with your other medication.

3. Product Assurance and Fulfillment

Aurora Medical and Budderweeds are longstanding companies dedicated to their patients. They operate patient care programs, meaning they operate more like a pharmacy than a government dispensary, such as Ontario Cannabis Store. Product stocked in medical cannabis companies are guaranteed to be there, and the fulfillment process occurs without the annoying flaws found in the much newer recreational facilities. If you love a strain, it will be there and it will ship on time right to your door.

Where to Order Medical Marijuana?

You don’t have to go to a pharmacy or dispensary to get your medical marijuana; the whole process can be done online. You have a few choices for medical marijuana online in Canada. Some companies aggregate multiple brands and their strands, such as Cannmart or Shoppers Drug Mart. Aurora Medical and Budderweeds, on the other hand, are major LPs that sell their medical brands to you directly.

Aurora Medical

Aurora is Canada’s second-largest cannabis corporation, sitting just behind Canopy Growth. They operate eight licensed facilities in Canada, Latin America, Asia, and Europe, selling to twenty-five countries. A company this big doesn’t package under one brand; instead, they ship product under multiple subsidiaries which fit into the recreational and medical channels. When you buy your cannabis products from Aurora Medical, you are purchasing from their three brands tailored to the channel, which are CanniMed, Aurora, and MedReleaf.

They’ve been growing cannabis since 2014, beginning with dried flower and oils that were sold in the medical market. This means the company has extensive knowledge of patient care and the complex requirements to run a successful patient-focused program.

Customers that use Aurora Medical can apply for a 30% compassionate care program on all their products, despite potency or cannabinoid makeup. The first responder’s program is a 25% discount for nurses, doctors, medical workers, ambulance workers, and police. With the senior’s incentive, anyone over the age of 65 gets a 10% discount. Last, all patients get free shipping on orders over $99 and free support with their client care team.

The application process with Aurora Medical is tiered and depends on your situation. Regardless of tier, you must first create an account with the company. If you have a prescription from a licensed doctor in your province, simply fax or e-mail it to them, confirm its receipt, and then wait for the approval. Those without a doctor can call Aurora’s client care team and they will put you in touch with a doctor who understands cannabis laws and medicinal treatments.

The above two options are identical to Budderweeds; where the companies differ is with the third option. Where Budderweeds can facilitate your meeting with a health professional directly, Aurora Medical uses a third-party platform, known as Canadian Cannabis Clinics. With them, you can talk to a doctor, communicate your patient history, and get a prescription.

Canadian Cannabis Clinics

Canadian Cannabis Clinics is a privately-run third-party company that engenders cannabis education and access. They’ve helped over 95,000 patients receive the prescriptions they need to feel better and live happier. In 2019, they expanded their platform to help patients in countries overseas, including Germany, Poland, and the UK.

You can make an appointment with Canadian Cannabis Clinics virtually through Zoom or Skype, or in-person at one of their approved clinics. The process takes less than thirty minutes, but you will need your medical history and personal information handy, including your address and identification.

During your call or meeting with the clinic, a cannabis educator will join to inform you about possible treatment options as well as answer any of your questions. Aurora Medical has partnered with Canadian Cannabis Clinics to offer this program free of charge. Once approved, expect your medical to be ready within a week. Note, your medical card can only be used with Aurora.

What Products Does Aura Cannabis Sell?

Getting your medical card with Aurora Cannabis or Budderweeds opens the door to a gamut of cannabis products. On their website, you can buy dried flower, edibles, topicals, vape pens, and CBD oils. The spry shopper will notice quickly that the products are divided into three brands: CanniMed, Aurora, and MedReleaf. While they are all part of the same Aurora product line, there are some differences.

Aurora is the original medical cannabis brand, which began in Cremona, Alberta in 2014. Products under this brand are cultivated in the province. This is where you’ll find the most traditionally recreational dried flower, with names such as Thor and Ambition. If you want resin or chocolate edibles, you’ll find it in Aurora.

CanniMed predates Aurora, having begun in 2013. They elide the monikers usually associated with weed, naming their products after the ratio of THC to CBD. This is great for fine-tuning prescriptions and homing in on the perfect capsules, oils, and dried flower for a specific diagnosis.

Last, MedReleaf is an Ontario company purchased by Aurora in 2019. The company garnered popularity in the medical cannabis field by partnering with Tikun Olam, the THC pioneer. Many of their dried flower and capsules were formulated with the help of this famous doctor. Their product line is a hybrid of sorts between Aurora and CanniMed; the products are potent and aimed at patients that want a taste of the latest science behind marijuana cultivation.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card?

No matter what you want to buy from Aurora Medical and Budderweeds, you’ll need a medical card first. If you do not have one, you’ll need to head to Aurora’s website or and create an account.

Budderweeds has an in-house team that can help you complete your medical card set up — they can even write prescriptions for you, which eliminates the need to find a doctor. The steps to Aurora Medical’s process are outlined below.

The Steps to Medical Marijuana Card with Aurora Cannabis

Get a prescription from your doctor

Make an appointment with your doctor and discuss the potential of cannabis medicine. If your doctor is not familiar with the potential of cannabis, contact Budderweeds.

Fill out an online application

The application can be completed at home and should take less than thirty minutes.

Book video consult with a health professional

This is a free consultation where you can ask questions and a nurse or doctor will decide if your condition is treatable with cannabis.

Receive your Medical Cannabis Card via email

Canadian Cannabis Clinics approves your application post-call; they will send your application to Aurora Medical once approved.

How long does a medical marijuana card last?

The expiration date on your medical card is set by your health professional. It can be three months or a year.

What Is the Legal Age for an Aurora Medical Card?

To apply for a medical card, you must meet some basic requirements. The legal age to purchase cannabis in Canada differs between provinces. In Quebec, it is 21; in Alberta, 18. The rest of the country mandates that you must be 19. Medical cannabis is only offered to landed residents or Canadian citizens. In your application interview, the health professional will ask for proof of your citizenship and age.

Who Is Eligible for a Aurora Medical Card?

Anyone who meets the Federal Government’s stipulations can get a medical card. First, you must be of legal age. Your health information and medical history will be reviewed along with your application. The approval process with Aurora Medical takes anywhere from one to two weeks. With Budderweeds, you can have your medical card and buy weed online in less than a day.

Aurora Medical

Their experience in the medical market means that Aurora has plenty of great cannabis available for recreational stores. Aurora cannabis is now available at major online retailers, including  Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.

So, what exactly does Aurora have for sale in terms of cannabis products? A fair amount in truth! This is great news for cannabis consumers looking to try different strains, with Aurora providing a diverse selection that caters to all tastes.

For example, Aurora sells various dried flower strains, including Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains. Their Banana Split is a tasty Indica-dominant hybrid with a high THC level (14.7%). It has large buds with dark green colours and bright orange hairs throughout – a great quality strain worth trying!

Ghost Strain Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid with an even higher THC content of around 17%. Greenhouse grown, the buds are big, thick, and covered with vibrant orange hairs that contrast with the dark green bud.

Other amazing dried flower strains available by Aurora include Blue Dream, Temple, and MK Ultra – it’s quite the selection! Many of these strains are sold in pre-roll packs too, which is great for anyone looking to try them out.

Better still, Aurora also sells cannabis oils. These are a newer form of cannabis that is great for people that don’t enjoy smoking. All Aurora cannabis oils are processed using CO2 extraction and then diluted for the ideal concentrations.

Instead of smoking, you ingest the oils as directed, enjoying the same effects of smoking flower but without the smoking.

Aurora cannabis oils are varied too. They have standard THC oils that are much the same as dried flower but in concentrated forms. These are available as bottles with 30ml of cannabis oils or as capsules.

Capsules are good for those unsure of dosages with cannabis oils. Each capsule contains the same amount of oil, making them a great option for anyone that wants to get the same results every time.

Also, they have 1:1 cannabis oils, which have a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC. These offer a more balanced effect with moderate amounts of THC and high CBD content, which offers various health benefits.

Arora has no shortage of fantastic cannabis products for the recreational market. These are available on all major online cannabis retailers. For those that love Arora’s quality cannabis, be sure to check out Budderweeds, a new cannabis brand arriving soon.

Budderweeds produces premium bud through hand picked strains that are craft grown to guarantee quality. This includes a range of Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains, available in dried flower and pre-roll packets.

Also, Budderweeds is producing a range of cannabis oils just like Aurora. These are produced from craft grown flowers and processed using the latest techniques – look out for them online soon!

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