Cannabis Companies in Canada Help Investors Make Millions In Investments

Cannabis Investment in Canada. Cannabis Stocks

Whether it is Ontario or Toronto, cannabis is becoming very popular in Canada. With its popularity, people across the globe are showing interest in cannabis companies as they view it as a viable investment option for they help investors rake millions in profit.

A $700 million pay off

During last fall, Constellation Brands invested a lump sum amount of $200 million in Canopy Growth, a Canadian cannabis producer and it seems like the investment has truly paid off.

Soon after the investment was made, the company announced that it had made over $700 million on the same deal. People were shocked but this is how cannabis investments have started to pay off. Back then, Constellation got about 10% of the stake in Canopy and invested $200 million in it. Canopy is the biggest legal producer of medical cannabis in Canada.

Constellation Brands announced further plans to create a cannabis-infused drink as a part of the deal with Canopy. It is due to launch it once cannabis is legalized nationwide. Constellation is well known for its famous beer “Corona”.

People in Toronto and other parts of Canada are already using cannabis. The Canadian government already passed a bill to legalize recreational cannabis. Moreover, Justin Trudeau announced that the new regulated market of the country with legalized cannabis would be launched on October 17th. Canopy, just as other Canadian cannabis companies, has tried to expand before the recreational legalization of cannabis in Canada, as it has secured overseas deals and also become one of the first major and known cannabis companies to have been listed on the NY Stock Exchange. It was listed in May.

Beer and Cannabis

Bruce Linton, the CEO of Canopy Growth, while commenting on the beer, said that there would be no alcohol in the drink because there is no need to include it.

The alcohol industry has ventured in the cannabis sector and Constellation’s deal is just one big example of it. Previously, Southern Glazer, the largest liquor distributor in America, also announced that it would work with Aphria, a Canadian grower, to distribute their product effectively. They revealed that they would also be introducing cannabis-infused beer by the name of Hi-Fi Hops.

Canada seems to be home to a lot to many major cannabis companies. It is also evident that companies are readily showing interest in coming up with cannabis-infused products or investing in these companies as well. And why not? As Constellation easily made a profit of over $500 million on its investment in a cannabis company.

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What Budderweeds offer

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