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Acreage Pharms is no stranger to the cannabis market, having produced medical products for several years. Now they look set to use their cannabis expertise and knowledge to take on the recreational market. Available at all online provincial retailers, Acreage Pharms has a range of cannabis products hitting all the major stores.

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These products are premium grade, with cannabis strains designed to accommodate all tastes and preferences. Whether you want a mild high for socializing with friends or to get super baked after a long day, Acreage Pharms has you covered with their impressive collection of cannabis strains.

With a growing facility located in the heart of the Alberta Rocky Mountains, Acreage Pharms has the ideal conditions for growing high quality cannabis. The balance of clean fresh water and low humidity offers the perfect platform for premium quality bud.

To date, Acreage Pharms has three main recreational strains – although plans for 23 are in the works. This means you want to keep an eye out for Acreage Pharms’ cannabis products over the coming months!

All Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid currently available at online recreational stores. Inspired by various Kush strains, All Kush originates from Pakistani and Afghanistan, offering a classic Kush experience for new users. This is Indica-dominant but has a nice amount of Sativa (20%) to balance out the heavy body high.

The high is somewhere in the medium range at 12-18% THC, making it good for new users and those that haven’t smoked in a while. The aroma is a unique blend of earthiness with subtle hints of honey, giving a pleasantly sweet finish.

Acreage Pharms also has their take on an all-time classic strain – Sensi Star. This is one of the best-known Indica-dominant hybrid strains and has a high potency of 17-21% THC

Each bud is gorgeous, being coated with lots of crystals and sporting an eye-catching dark green and pink colour. It also offers a pungent earthy aroma and a powerful body-high that is perfect for relaxation.

Acreage Pharms has yet another Indica-dominant hybrid with their Western Sunset strain. A cross between White Window and Super Skunk, it features a powerful earthy aroma subtle hints of lemon. THC is on the higher side at 17%, while the effects are known to be long-lasting. So, you best not make many plans after smoking this bad boy!

As mentioned, this is just the first batch of strains released by Acreage Pharms. There are dozens more in the works, including big hitters like White Widow, Outlaw Amnesia, Orange Bud, and Ultra Skunk.

Acreage Pharms is not the only recreational cannabis brand set to unleash a range of new strains soon. Budderweeds is a new and exciting recreational cannabis brand specialising in craft-grown cannabis products.

This is some high-end cannabis products that are hand-picked for their flavours, aromas, and characteristics. Budderweeds has strains for every type of cannabis user, with both potent and milder options arriving. They are also making some of the best cannabis oil products that are packed with flavour and potency.

Check  Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis for Budderweeds and Acreage Pharms releases in the coming weeks and months!

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