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Backforty Cannabis and Budderweeds are two upcoming recreational cannabis brands in Canada. Their products are hitting the market soon and it’s well worth keeping an eye out  for them when they do!

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Ontario natives wanting to try these brands out should monitor Ontario Cannabis Store. This is the only site to legally buy recreational cannabis in Ontario, so when Backforty Cannabis and Budderweeds launch their products, this is where to find them. You can also check out Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.

Using natural growing process, Backforty Cannabis is producing a range of cannabis strains for Canadian consumers. Indica and Sativa strains are naturally grown with care and precision, producing wonderful aromas and flavours in each plant.

These are sold as dried cannabis flower and in pre-roll joints, so cannabis users can consume their product in various ways. Bongs, pipes, joints, and vapes are all good ways to smoke Backforty Cannabis products.

Budderweeds is another upcoming cannabis brand. Tailored towards stoners and recreational smokers, their products are ideal for socialising, chilling on the couch. By using craft growing processes, Budderweeds produces some truly premium cannabis flower. Their dried bud is coated with trichomes that add to the amazing vibrancy of each plant.

Their cannabis comes in various hues of green and are covered with different coloured hairs and crystals, including oranges, whites, yellows, purples, and more. Craft growing processes take time and care to grow each plant to the highest possible standard. This results in unrivalled aroma, flavour, and potency.

Not only do they sell dried flower weed, but also a nice selection of cannabis oils. Budderweeds cannabis oils are rich in flavour and easy to consume. Simply ingest them directly or combine them with a drink and you are good to go.

Because Budderweeds puts so much time and effort into growing their plants, the cannabis is all the better for it. In fact, it is easily some of the most exciting cannabis products coming to the recreational market. Whether you like smoking joints, eating edibles, or occasionally vaping, Budderweeds has quality cannabis products for all occasions.

As for strains, each cannabis brand as their own unique offerings. These vary from classic Indica strains like White Rhino and Blueberry to Sativa favourites like Amnesia and Silver Haze. Hybrid strains are also coming soon, which offer a nice blend of Sativa and Indica.

In fact, hybrid strains are some of the most popular around with cannabis users. They take on the characteristics of each plant they come from, some being Indica-dominant and other Sativa-dominant.

This results in all kinds of crazy strains that combine unique tastes, smells, and highs. Whether you want to chill out, get creative, or smoke with friends, there are hybrid strains suitable for every occasion.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all these options, so it’s a good idea to try things yourself. This ensures you get the right strain for your own preferences. After all, weed affects everyone differently, so only you know what is best for you!

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