Aura Dispensary and Budderweeds Brand Bring You The Best Blue Dream in Town

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Aura DispensaryCanada’s third-largest city is also one of its most welcoming. Calgary is home to a plethora of museums, music and food festivals, theatre and dance companies, and various sports teams. There really are few better places to enjoy high-quality cannabis. With a rich natural landscape and a robust culture, stoners would be hard-pressed to find a better home.

For a physical storefront look no further than Aura Dispensary, western Canada´s premier online cannabis retailer.

What is Aurora Dispensary?

The folks at Aura Dispensary have set the bar high and established an industry standard. They will guide you on everything cannabis related while providing top-notch service and customer support. Join Calgary’s Aura family of customers and never be burdened by the practicalities of hitting up a local dispensary again. While security and convenience are at the heart of their business, Aura would be remiss to sell inferior quality products. Selling high-quality cannabis is their primary directive, which is why they have decided to sell Budderweeds branded products.

Budderweeds cannabis is synonymous with best in the industry. Budderweeds offers an extensive variety of handpicked and craft-grown cannabis strains grown in sustainable farms in BC. Budderweeds signature strains of dried flower will include Hawaiian Cookies, Obama Kush, and our favourite Blue Dream.

Blue Dream is a beauty with highly coveted properties by growers and users alike. Its ancestry lies in an ingenious hybridization of Blueberry and Haze. Blue Dream provides the body with a strong Indica effect without the excessive sedation customarily associated with Sativa. Also, high-quality cannabis oil, balances full-body relaxation with mild cerebral stimulation.

Blue Dream offers long-lasting effects that are accompanied by a pleasant fruity flavour. Most customers taste blueberries, vanilla, and mango. Blue Dream is characterized by its earthy and pungent herbal notes.

Budderweeds Cannabis Products

Our hand-picked strains are potent, with high THC content yet all are well-balanced.

Whether you are new to the world of premium cannabis products or a connoisseur, Budderweeds will have something for you. We are a premium brand and offer only superior cannabis products such as high potency strains and extracts.

Our new business partnerships with Canada’s premier online retailer Aura dispensary, will allow us to serve you rapidly and discretely. Also look for us at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis.

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