Best Spots in LA for a Cannabis Infused First Date


Whether you found your first date on Tinder, Bumble or the best bar in Los Angeles, finding a great date spot can be confusing. 

To help you on your way to finding the best date spot in LA, we’ve put together this comprehensive list. 

Here are the top spots for a first date in LA, good luck!

#1 Griffith Observatory

There is no better place to start your trip rather than Griffith Observatory. It is usually regarded as one of the best places where you can watch the stars at night. This is why you will find most people claiming to be under the stars during the day, although they are not visible.

The Observatory is open Friday-Sunday due to COVID-19 protocols, and every visitor must wear a mask. If you are planning to visit with your significant other or friends, make prior arrangements. You can always check on their schedule before visiting.

One of the best parts of Griffith Observatory is the Samuel Oschin Planetarium, where you can rest your head and get into the world of fantasy. You can add weed into the plan for enhanced results.

#2 Immersive Van Gogh

This is one of the most incredible places to visit and witness hypotonic effects that rival the planetary. An extensive 55,000 square foot building line-up is likely to bring more life to the place.

Some of the most talented artists in history are found in this place. It is located in the Amoeba building, which is just off Sunset Boulevard. This exciting exhibit features exceptional artworks emphasizing colors and brushstrokes.

It was designed by David Korins, who is a Tony Award nominee. He has constructed sets for major Broadway productions before, like Hamilton. The experience is fantastic, and you can always feel great explaining to your special one or just friends.

#3 Clutter Park

This is a little benched area offering nonstop entertainment. It runs along a street near the famous Los Angeles International Airport. Locals and other visitors frequently visit the place to watch planes landing and taking off from one of the busiest airports in the world.

The tables in this area are branded with chess that you can enjoy playing with your friends or family. Even when you are visiting alone, chances are you will find someone there to play with. Taking a date here means you will have fun playing and watching dozens of flights going in and out of the airport.

Another game you can play is guessing the flight destinations. You don’t have to worry about the correct answers, thanks to technology. Using a plane finder app, you can know precise planes using the logos and symbols in their tails.
But again, constantly peeking at your phone is usually not a great thing to do on a date. You can do it moderately and only when necessary.

#4 The Huntington

Are you interested in research? Well, this is one place where you can have fun and study at the same time. It sits in a gorgeous garden just off the 210 in San Marino. Visitors get to experience rare art exhibits. Additionally, an extensive library is available if you make reservations.

But the most exciting part of the garden is the botanical garden. It, however, depends on your preferences and goals. There are 16 gardens in the area sitting on 120 acres of land. Chances are, you must get one that excites you the most. If you are visiting with your significant other, there are trails in the gardens to stroll freely.

The lotus flower and water lilies are likely to spark Buddhists in you. Nature is what defines the place.

#5 Eaton Canyon Falls

Hikes can be exciting and engaging, but unfortunately, they are not encouraged on the first date. Unless you were friends before, deciding to go hiking with you new patner, especially a trip to Pasadena’s Eaton Canyon, may be tricky.

The walking trails in Eaton are usually flat, making them easy to maneuver. Also, the trails end at the prized waterfall, which is a great place to cool off after a long walk. This spot favors outdoorsy couples because it is situated away from crowded and busy areas in the city. The trails have rocks for sessioning along the way.

#6 Street Food Cinema

The outdoor cinema scene is one of the coolest in Los Angeles, with Street Food Cinema keeping things spicing up the experience. The booming sound system and 50-foot screen are super entertaining all over LA.
You can have a walk in the park before the screening starts and later lay back to watch their favorite selection. They offer unique choices every season of the year. One thing for sure is that you will love their selections anytime.

#7 The Getty

This is a center for those who love date night festivities. Typically, they take place on the west side of the city. It is a popular tourist attraction that is equally beautiful and peaceful for stoners.

You can smell beautiful flowers and plants to enjoy their extravagance. Apart from smelling, you can also treat your eyes to the beautiful scenery. The place is generally quiet, allowing visitors to sit under the trees and enjoy the cool breeze.

There are also coffee spots and cafes at the Getty where you can get some treatment. But if you want to provide taste buds with high-quality treatment, you will have to travel about three miles to Shin-Sen-Gumi.

#8 Chill at Home & Get High

As a bonus option, you can always unwind at home! Find a dispensary, Choose a strain like LA Confidential, or get high by consuming THC Gummies!

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