Best Weed Tours in LA

Los Angeles is a city that carries excellent history. Many people visiting California have never missed getting to this fantastic city. Over the years, the cannabis industry has continued to bless the city – from LA Confidential to world class dispensaries

California is among the states that have legalized medical and recreational cannabis. Weed tourism in the city is attracting tourists and cannabis enthusiasts from all walks of life, from cannabis connoisseurs to edible lovers. The ganja tour offers guests the chance to smoke weed in a controlled environment. LA also offers guests a serene space to chill out while exploring the city. 

Restock before embarking on any weed adventure. Let’s explore some of the exciting tours in LA:

#1 Weedology Tours

If you visit the weedology Tours website today, you will learn that they describe their experiences as weed-smoking, music pumping, good time, and great vibes. Typically, their tour includes cannabis, health and wellness, and recreational.

The recreational tour is priced at $89 and lasts about two and a half hours. It includes the Taco Tuesday tour and the Hollywood your.

The tour starts at one of LA’s leading dispensaries to take cannabis-related products or have some puffs. You will then proceed to an outdoor taco spot to satisfy the “hunger” you created. A dessert at this place will do you favor before moving to the last stop of the tour.

You will be welcomed by puffs of smoke and end your tour in style.

If you are putting health at the top of your list, such health and wellness tours are great. At the end of the tour, your body will feel revitalized.

Apart from having fun during the tour, you will also learn more about CBD as a cannabinoid and the benefits associated with cannabinoids. The tours get even better when massage and yoga are infused. Both will provide your spirit, body, and mind with the energy to get going again.

#2 Med Tour LA

Among the many tours people enjoy while in LA, Med Tour is one, especially for those interested in the South Central part. It offers travelers clear and unique views of the city. Tourists get an opportunity to visit unknown landmarks like where Kendrick Lamar schooled, or NWA sold their first record. Guides taking you through the tour enjoy showing visitors these unusual but unique places.

Pricing for you starts at $85, but the price keeps going down as you buy more tickets. So you can get a group of buddies and take advantage of that. With the pandemic still reigning, the experienced guides follow all protocols like disinfecting vehicles after a short period. Hand sanitizers are also available, and they do not allow sharing of bongs or pipes while smoking weed.

If your party has more than six people, then you have an opportunity to be picked by a 420 bus from your hotel room. The bus offers a conducive environment to enjoy your ganja. This is an additional service that is only provided by Med Tours LA as a sign of care.

The bus also has VIP experience amenities like air conditioners, drinks, and snacks, 55-inch digital television with entertainment apps, and a licensed driver for safety purposes.

The Med Tours LA also offers mini-tours like the Bud and Beaches tour on Sundays during the summer. It attracts cannabis enthusiasts along the Pacific Coast Highway, where the bus stops at notable dispensaries and beaches. Choose any of their options, and you will still learn about weed and enjoy it as well.

#3 Green Tours

Green Tours is the best choice for those who would love to drive through parts of Hollywood. The Hollywood Cannabis Tour will cost you about $99 per head, and it takes about 2.5 hours to traverse through Tinseltown with narrations. It starts with visiting a high-end dispensary stocked with all kinds of cannabis products. Additionally, you will get a 50% tan break when checking out.

During the tour, guests get a chance to test famous weed strains like Skywalker OG. You will appreciate the feeling the strain offers while waiting for the next stop. The stop is usually at a cannabis licensed grow facility in the city, which is also famous for inventing strains of the Jedi.

What follows is Jedi lung training. You will then finish the tour in exciting locations like studios and the Walk of Fame in Burbank.

The Green Tours company also offers a diverse selection of minor tours aimed at enhancing your cannabis experience. Some of the activities in the mini-tours include taking guests to lounges for smoking experiences and styles, art galleries with cannabis-related pieces, and local hash manufacturing plants.

Another tour this company offers is the 420 Experience Los Angeles which is all about stopping at a local glass blowing studio. This gives visitors a chance to see the exciting art up close.

Green Tours also facilitates private and group tours of up to 25 people. In private tours, guests have an opportunity to select their tour options. They also have a chance to design their itinerary.

#4 Weed Bus Los Angeles

The most popular tour of Weed Bus LA attracts travelers to the streets. A tour that takes about three hours in the central part of Los Angeles starts at a top retailer. Guests get an opportunity to enjoy enormous discounts for a variety of cannabis products.

After enjoying your favorite flavors and strains, you will be ready to cruise around. While moving around, you will come across exciting spots like Kobe Mural, Crenshaw, Nipsey Square Memorial, Staples Center, and filming and characters in Deebo and posse.

You will also be dazzled by the iconic landmarks of the Hollywood entertainment industry. They include Hollywood Sign, Walk of Fame, and Beverly Hills.

The most exciting part of this tour is the Stoner Paint Night which is held at Venice Beach. Pricing starts at $49, including a voucher worth $20 for free weed. That means you are paying $29 for the experience. The tours are held each day of the weed so that you can enjoy it at your convenience.

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