Broken Coast Cannabis: Medical Cannabis Products

Broken Coast Cannabis produces medical cannabis in Canada and have not stepped into the recreational market. This is an exciting prospect for cannabis users around the country, as Broken Coast Cannabis produces some seriously high-quality cannabis.

You’ll find their initial range of recreational cannabis products are in most popular stores. This includes all the main provincial online stores, so buying Broken Coast Cannabis products shouldn’t be difficult.

There is a diverse range of tasty strains rich in flavor and aroma. These are all carefully grown and processed and are completely free of pesticides and fungicides -all-natural cannabis for your enjoyment!


Broken Coast Cannabis Review

Broken Coast Cannabis have released a nice batch of strains and expect to release many more in the future. So far there four main strains available on provincial stores, while access to more is found through their medical store.

However, their four main recreational strains are more than enough to keep you going until more become available!

Quadra is Broken Coast Cannabis’ take on the Indica-dominant Headband strain. Named after Quadra Island, this is a strain that many in BC will find near and dear to their hearts! It has a striking color and consistency, with dense nugs frosted with white tips and purple hues.

Broken Coast Cannabis Strains

It produces a thick and flavorful smoke that has a deep earthy flavor along with a nice zesty finish. At 15-21% THC it’s quite powerful, offering a deep relaxing high that is good for stress and pain.

Galiano is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain also known as Northern Lights Haze. Deriving from a Northern Lights strain, Galiano has a wonderfully dense consistency to each bud. Dark-green in color, its coated with a light frosting and bright orange hairs, it looks as good as it smells.

The flavour is pleasant and not too overwhelming, with a clean finish on every exhale. Its earthy flavour has a fruity sweetness and hint of rich mocha, which tastes as good as it sounds!

Keats, also known as White Walker Kush, blends the impressive bud structure of a White Widow with the fruitiness of Skywalker. It’s an Indica-dominant strain but there is a good balance of Sativa, producing a notable high that’s uplifting and calming.


Broken Coast Cannabis Stocks

The color profile is beautiful, with a blend of deep green and purple interspersed with deep-orange hairs. A sweet fruity aroma is countered with notes of skunk and earth, leading to a delicious tasting smoke each draw. At 18-24% THC, Keats is a potent strain not for the faint hearted.

Finally, we have Ruxton, a powerful hybrid with a whopping 19-26% THC content. A sativa-dominant hybrid, it’s a cross between OG Kush and Sour Diesel, resulting in an all mighty high. It’s pungent and powerful, with heavy smoke and a rich flavor featuring citrus and diesel.

All these strains are available at your province’s online recreational retailer! Not only are there current strains here from brands like Broken Coast Cannabis, but new brands being released every day.

Broken Coast Cannabis Alternative

Budderweeds is one such brand! Offering craft-grown cannabis flower and oil products, Budderweeds has an exceptional range of strains coming very soon. Check Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis for the upcoming releases from Budderweeds. It’s craft-grown cannabis done right!