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Interested in finding weed in Montreal? Quebec’s most populated city has a lot to experience, and it’s not hard to get lost in all it has to offer. Home of the Fairmont Bagel and devilishly tasty corned beef at Schwartz’s, Montreal is Canada’s gastronomy icon. No city can match its palate, and for our money, the best accouterment to a good meal is a great cannabis product.

From pre-rolls to cookie edibles, the Montreal cannabis culture is booming. Legalization opened a door that, let’s be honest, was mostly unlocked since 2015. Today, you can find dispensaries in most of the major Montreal boroughs. Talking with city-goers, however, suggests the best cannabis products are had online.

This is why our in-depth article will cover everything there is to know about buying weed online in Montreal and how to get Mail Order Marijuana in Montreal. Plus, we give you a detailed FAQ that will clear any of the questions you have before choosing the right cannabis dispensary for you.

How to Buy Weed Online Montreal

Ordering weed online in Montreal is a simple and straightforward process. You’ll need to meet the basic requirements of the province, which are that you have a Canadian address and are over the legal age of 21. That’s two years older than the legal age of other provinces, such as British Columbia and Ontario.

So long as you fit these two guidelines, you can order weed online from licensed companies. The most popular way to order cannabis off the internet is through mail order marijuana in Montreal. Mail order is a slightly different process than buying from a dispensary. We’ll get into the specifics in the section below, so read on for more information.

Another popular method to buy weed online is the provincial government cannabis store, known in Quebec as the Société québécoise du cannabis, or the SAQ. All you have to do to order cannabis through their website is log in, verify your age, and order up to 18 grams.

Montreal Dispensary

If the quality of cannabis from SAQ stores has put a downer on your trip to Mount Royal Park, then you need to try mail order marijuana. By ordering straight from licensed suppliers, you get the freshest cannabis at the lowest cost. The first step in obtaining these products is registering for your Medical Cannabis Authorization Card.

With a medical card, consumers have access to legal weed that’s cheaper than what they’ll find in government dispensaries. Because it hasn’t sat on a shelf for weeks, the cannabis tastes better and lasts longer. Acquiring a medical card is easier than you think — just fill out the Budderweeds form and one of our medical professionals will contact you within 24 hours to approve the application.

The application takes less than five minutes to fill out; it will ask you for some basic information, and any health problems you hope to mollify with medical cannabis. Within less than a day, you’ll have a medical card, and with it, a trove of fresh cannabis that you won’t find in the brick and mortar dispensaries.

Online Dispensary in Montreal

From Anjou to Kirkland, no matter where in Montreal you are, there’s a cannabis dispensary nearby to serve you. Locals and tourists of this energetic city have options. To help you narrow down your dispensary options, try using the Budderweeds store locator to find “a dispensary near me” in Montreal.

This simple and intuitive search tool implements Google Maps to pin the closest dispensaries to your current location. It is updated routinely. The Budderweeds store locator has a higher rate of accuracy than other tools or search engines because it is dedicated specifically to dispensaries – no need to search for a “dispensary near me“.

Buy Weed in Montreal – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use a medical cannabis card to buy weed online in Montreal?

Medical cannabis cards predate the advent of recreational cannabis.

Medical cannabis card carriers can purchase cannabis from 5-star quality licensed producers. Because you buy straight from them, you avoid taxes and other fees that are affixed to recreational dispensaries.

How Can I Qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card in Montreal?

Qualifying for a medical cannabis card is easier than you think. It doesn’t matter where you live in Montreal or the surrounding area. You just fill out an application, which you can find here. Your name, birthday, and address are required. The application also asks for any health issues you wish cannabis to help with.

What are the benefits of a medical cannabis card in Montreal?

The five or ten minutes it takes you to fill out a medical cannabis card application will be well spent. The cannabis you order with a medical card is farmed by licensed producers and rated high quality. Because there’s no overhead costs and consumer taxes, the cannabis is cheaper than the stuff found on the SAQ. Ordering cannabis online means you do not have to visit a store and wait in line. Mail order marijuana is delivered right to your door in Montreal; you never have to leave your home.

Where can I find a dispensary near me in Montreal?

If you’re looking for a dispensary, you have to try the Budderweeds store locator. Our search tool provides accurate information to all the best dispensaries in the city. Just type “dispensary near me” in Montreal to zero in on the best shop for you.

How long will it take for my mail order cannabis to arrive in Montreal with a medical card?

Mail order cannabis arrives in Montreal within three to five business days. We use Canada Post to ship our products from coast to coast. The products come in discreet packages and must be picked up by the individual on the shipping label.

How much does a medical cannabis card cost?

Medical cards do not cost you anything, and we do all the hard work. Just fill out our easy application to get authorized by Budderweeds. You can sign up for your Budderweeds membership card today.

How much money can I save compared to visiting a dispensary in Montreal?

Although the cannabis you buy with a medical card is the same high-quality product you’ll find in SAQ dispensaries, it costs much less. Weed in Montreal purchased through the medical cannabis card system ends up costing the customer up to 60% less than if purchased in a government store!

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