Cannabis Edibles and Drinks – What to Expect from Canada’s Second Wave of Legalization

Historic Cannabis Bill C-45 Passes in Canadian Senate

Recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada on October 17, making it legal to buy dried cannabis flower, cannabis oils, cannabis plants and seeds. However, this marks just the beginning of legalization, as there is still more to come from the world’s largest legal cannabis market.

Experienced cannabis users in Canada have noticed a distinct lack of certain cannabis products in the legal market, many of which are available in US states where medical and recreational cannabis is legal, most notably including edibles and concentrates.

This is because cannabis edibles, drinks, and concentrates remain illegal under Canadian law- for the time being at least.

2019 is earmarked by many as the ‘second wave of legalization’ as these currently illegal cannabis products are set to become legalized at some stage next year. The Canadian government has said that cannabis edibles and concentrates will become legal by October 2019 or earlier.


The second wave of legalization looks to be just as significant has the first wave, as these cannabis products, especially edibles, could cater to one of the largest gaps in the market. With so many people not wanting to smoke cannabis, edibles and drinks provide the perfect alternative for those looking to enjoy cannabis.

In fact, it’s thought that cannabis edible products could make up to a third of all sales in the recreational market. Some predict edibles and drinks could eventually outsell dried cannabis and cannabis oils due to their wider appeal to mass consumers.

Edibles are very popular in the United States, with various cannabis-infused edible foods offering consumers a smokeless way to consume weed. While their potency and effects have gained a fair amount of infamy, edibles remain a popular way to consume weed, even among users that enjoy smoking and vaping.

From gummies to baked goods to chocolate to pizza, there are countless types of edibles out there and Canadian companies are taking notes as they prepare their own products for 2019.

Cannabis-infused drinks are also gaining in popularity, with cannabis-infused beverages being viewed as one of the most untapped products in the market. From craft beers to chocolate milkshakes, there is no end to the potential types of cannabis drinks arriving in Canada come the second wave of legalization.

Many of the world’s foremost brewing companies are partnering with Canadian cannabis manufacturers in preparation for next year. The recreational market is set to become a battleground for cannabis edibles and drinks, with these types of products entering the largest legal market in the world.

How popular edibles and drinks will be remains to be seen, although most cannabis companies are wanting in on the action, and it could end up being the biggest success story of legalization.

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