Cove Crafted Cannabis

Cove is a recreational cannabis producer specializing in craft-quality cannabis products. Only the best colas from each plant are used to ensure quality bud in every store, with no shortcuts taken. This means hand-trimming all dried cannabis to ensure a high standard of bud. It also means no irradiation processes that often diminish the flavor and feel of the cannabis.

The result – premium quality cannabis strains that give you the perfect high every time.

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Cove Cannabis Reviews

Better still, Cove has produced a decent range of strains to offer something for every customer. From new users to experienced stoners, there is a Cove strain to suit all tastes and preferences, with dried flower and cannabis oil products available.

Cove currently has three strains available at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis with plans to release a further three. Each strain is hand-picked for its unique aroma, flavour, and characteristics, with each one providing a unique experience suitable for every occasion.

Rise is a sativa-dominant strain from Cove that has been compared to Green Crack. It has a mid-to-high THC range of 12-23% and features dense dark green nugs coated with trichomes and orange hairs. The sweet aroma is balanced with citrus and earthy undertones, while the high is characterised as uplifting and energetic.

Cove Crafted Cannabis Products

Cove’s Rest is an Indica-dominant hybrid with an impressively high THC content of 16-24%. As an Indica the high is more body-heavy, making it ideal for relaxing and unwinding after a hard day. The bud takes on an almost pinkish hue that mixes with the green to give a unique appearance.

A combination of limonene and linalool terpenes produce a distinct flavour profile that includes hints of vanilla and citrus with an earthy undertone. As the name suggests, Rest is the perfect strain for resting and catching up on some sleep!

Reflect is a balanced hybrid from Cove with a very high THC content of 12-25%. The buds are white and green and covered with orange hairs, giving it that perfect appearance stoners love to see. A unique combination of terpenes results in a distinct aroma with hints of pine and pepper.

The high is the most euphoric of the three, with many reporting an uptake in happiness after consumption. This makes it a good weed strain for social gatherings and chilling with a friend.

All three of these strains are available cove-crafted-reviews-budderweeds e as dried flower, pre-roll joints, and tincture oils. A unique aspect of Cove’s oils is they do not go under any secondary refinement. No harsh solvents like alcohol are used, allowing for the natural balance of the plant to be enjoyed.

Cove cannabis and dried flower products are available at all online retailers – check your province’s legal cannabis website for where to buy!

Cove Crafted Cannabis Alternative: Budderweeds

They are not the only upcoming cannabis brand offering premium quality dried flower and oil products either! Budderweeds is a cannabis brand specializing in craft-grown cannabis products. Like Cove, they only use the best and most careful processes to grow premium hand-craft bud.

Budderweeds also has an impressive range of strains coming soon, with hand-picked dried flower and cannabis oils hitting stores soon.