Grail Cannabis

Grail is a cannabis brand that is part of the High Park Company. All Grail cannabis products are grown indoors using the latest BC strains. Every strain is hand-picked for its unique genetics to ensure the best flavors, aromas, and highs possible.

The company describes the process as a journey. They aren’t rushing anything to market, but rather taking the time and effort to get things done right. This isn’t just about the finished product – which is top quality cannabis – but the entire growing process.

From choosing the best strains to growing them using the best growing conditions to carefully trimming flowers by hand – it all goes towards a better product and experience none will forget. All cannabis flowers are BC sourced strains and grown indoors on Vancouver Island.

Grail Cannabis Products Review

To date, Grail has produced two recreational strains and have many more planned for the future. These are available at your local online retailer, so check your provincial stores to see what Grail cannabis is about.


Their first dried cannabis product is the appropriately named Rockstar.

This is a strong Indica-dominant hybrid bursting with flavor and is one truly gorgeous looking strain. A dark green color combined with a colorful dusting and vibrant orange hairs, with every bud having the perfect density.

It is a descendant of two famous strains – Rockbud and Sensi Star – and has 19-24% THC content. Both are well-liked Indica strains and Rockstar inherits the best characteristics of each one. It has that potent body high that Indica lovers know all about, making it an ideal strain for deep relaxation.

The aroma is characterized as being both spicy and fruity, with hints of grape complimenting the pungent smell. As for the flavor, it has an earthy taste like many Indica, finishing off with a skunky undertone.

Not everyone loves Indica of course. If you are more of a Sativa person then Grail’s Headband is worth trying. This Sativa-dominant hybrid offers a euphoric and uplifting high that is good for socializing and getting creative. It also helps alleviate stress and has long-lasting effects.

A cross between two all-time classics in OG Kush and Sour Diesel, Headband has a high potency, hitting 19-24% THC. Taking after its ancestors, Headband has a strong earthy and diesel flavor that is undercut with pleasant hints of citrus.

Where To Buy Grail Cannabis Products?

Both strains are available at all provincial online stores, although some may be sold out or awaiting stock. Be sure to visit Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store or Societe Quebec de Cannabis for Grail availability!

These two strains are just the first of many from Grail, so make sure to stay updated for all the new releases!

Grail Cannabis Alternative: Budderweeds

Another cannabis company that has upcoming products worth looking out for is Budderweeds. A specialist in craft-grown cannabis products, Budderweeds is producing premium quality bud for Canadians nationwide.

Budderweeds products, like Grail products, are hitting provincial stores very soon. Make sure you look out Budderweeds – their craft flowers and cannabis oils are going to take the market by storm.

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