Solei Free Oil


Solei Free Oil

Solei Free CBD Oil was one of the first to hit the market when Cannabis became legal in Canada.

Initially it was a popular product for it’s perceived calming effects. Many people hit the OCS, Alberta Cannabis, SQDC, Nova Scotia Cannabis Store and BC Cannabis Stores when Solei Free CBD Oil was made for sale.

During the initial wave of legalization, Canada actually suffered from a CBD Oil shortage, but Solei Free CBD Oil was one of the products that was readily available/

According to Solei, Free is a premium CBD oil blend that contains very low THC traces. There’s 10mg/mL of CBD and 2mg/mL of THC.

If you’re looking for a stronger CBD oil, then you may prefer the options that Budderweeds Balance CBD provides. They are stronger and available at a cheaper price point.

As the Solei CBD Oil is a low dose CBD oil, you won’t feel much when taking Solei Free, but eventually you may start to experience effects. It’s always best to start low and then build your tolerance up.

Solei Free Oil Reviews

There’s a lot or Solei Free Oil Reviews on the internet, but remember the mantra is start low and then build up your tolerance. Solei Free Oil seems to be a great oil for those new to CBD in Canada.

However, something important to note is that the Solei Free CBD oil does not contain any terpenes. Terpenes work to create the entourage effect, which helps activates the cannabinoids in the product you are taking to work together and give you better effects.

Solei Free Oil Cost

A 30mL bottle of Solei Free Oil is available for $20.95. This is competitively priced, however with a Budderweeds membership card you can get a stronger CBD oil at a cheaper price.

  Solei Free CBD Oil   Budderweeds CBD Oil
THC  0.00 – 2.00mg/mL  2.99mg/ML
CBD  9.50 – 11.50mg/ mL 17mg/mL
Total CBD  300mg 500mg
Plant Type  Sativa Dominant Sativa Dominant
Strain Name  Treasure Island Pineapple Express
Extraction Process  Co2 Co2
Growing Region  Leamington, ON Leamington, ON
Price $20.95 $16.95

Solei Free CBD Oil

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