The Terpenes in three Award-Winning Strains


Important aspects of award-winning strains

The cannabis cultivation involves so many important things to get the maximum growth as continuous development of the laboratory practices which let everyone to know the appropriate compounds used to drive the flavor profiles as well as effects they like.

Well experienced and dedicated cultivators use the lab data for producing the heavy terpene profiles of the best strains. Terpenes are the important leg on the table which holds up the best cannabis apart from a practical quantity of cannabinoids as well as no destruction in post-production stages. Some terpenes are related to the varying experience of both mind and body. The following details explain the 3 award-winning strains which reveal the prominence of terpenes while raising the champion.

Zkittlez: Beta-Caryophyllene

Zkittlez: Beta-Caryophyllene is grown by the third generation family or dying breed seeds. The two dominant terpenes are the humulene and beta-caryophyllene. This weed strain showed how healthy outdoor-grown weed can be. The terpenes of Zkittlez are over its THC and place the strain in the circle time of the winner again. Laboratory reports ensured the stand-out step of the Zkittlez. This weed strain is used to train the police dogs on the smell.
The best complexity of herbaceous, dank, peppery beta caryophyllene is combined with a good mixture of subordinate terpenes captained by the humulene that is the woody, earthy, floral, and hoppy terpene linalool.

Rozé: Myrcene

Rozé: Myrcene is grown by the third generation family or dying breed seeds. The dominant terpenes are the myrcene and pinene. You can focus on the THC-dominant strain with the maximum myrcene as nothing is heavier than it and it includes the tranquilizing body extraordinary of cannabis. This weed is serving myrcene up warm and a cup of tea of some people as per the lab reports.
Rozé: Myrcene is the zkilltez’s offspring and blew up subsequent to a great run at the Emerald Cup 2017. This weed beats out several entries and only drops to the well-known lemon crush.

Balancing out the couch-lock effect of the myrcene is alerting the terpene pinene. Every user of this jungle therapy in jar gets an array of benefits. 

Everyone must look for new things with an open mind as plenty of terps left on the flavor roll which has not previously been discovered.

Super Lemon Haze: Limonene

Super Lemon Haze: Limonene. Dominant terpenes of this weed are the limonone and beta-caryophyllene. Many people avoid drinking coffee and prefer the strain packed with limonene’s lemony goodness. The popular California models of Super Lemon Haze revealed the flavour profile of this strain. This weed strain has won the Cannabis Cups in Amsterdam back-to-back for 10 years.

Residents in Amsterdam like the popular California cultivators CRAFT scooped up the great lemon haze and used every chance to get this weed strain. Alan, the founder of CRAFT has revealed that this team has planted 50 seeds from the well-known Greenhouse Seed organization back in 2007 and chosen the number one stunna. This cut has the highest possible Lemon Shark’s electric candy versus the piney sharpens of the super silver haze.

Lab data reveals the limonene as the second terpene after the beta-caryophyllene by volume in the cup-winning sativa of CRAFT. However, Washington cannabis samples based surveys revealed more terpinolene and less limonene. Several terpenes these days mix to make lemon smell of cannabis.


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