Cannabis Terpene: Ocimene


A detailed review about ocimene and what does this cannabis terpene do?

Basically, terpene is the flavour of specific cannabis strain like fingerprint which might reveal complex set of the compounds. It contributes to the perceived experience. Slight modification of the terpene might influence how we perceive that’s strains aroma, flavor and even its effects.
Ocimene is the terpene which is responsible for some of the herbaceous and sweet flavors of the specific certain cannabis strains. It might add woody and citrusy undertones. It is having huge ranges uplifting effects. You are always advisable to learn about what strain does and doesn’t do.

Strains containing ocimene

Basically, concentration of the ocimene might vary between cultivars. Some of the strains might tend to product higher rather than average amounts. Remember one thing; ocimene is playing major role in the strain’s terpene profile but sometimes it could be the second or third abundant terpene which includes,

  • Dream queen
  • Clementine
  • Golden pineapple
  • Dutch treat
  • J1

Clementine is the best example of the strain with high levels of the ocimene. It is not only the dominant terpene but also it is rare instance of the ocimene as second abundant terpene.

Ocimene’s distinct profile

In fact, ocimene is the monoterpene which could be found in wide varieties of the plants which includes mangoes, basil, hops, kumquats, orchids, lavender, pepper and host of the other plants which might contain ocimene in some quantity.

In perfume industry, ocimene is widely used for its floral, sweet, and herbaceous aromatic profile. It is also believed to the protective agent or part of the plant defense method against the harmful elements. When it comes to the pests like aphids which could be detrimental to the cannabis crops, and steer clear of the strains with the terpene same way mosquito away from the citrus oil in specific varieties of geraniums.

Know about potential benefits of ocimene

According to the studies says that ocimene can be derived from the flowers of citrus Unshiu plant which is close relative of the mandarin orange.

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