Cannabis Terpene: Caryophyllene


Caryophyllene terpene and what does cannabis terpene do?

Caryophyllene is a cannabis terpene that gives a wide choice of aromatic properties ranging from earthy notes, floral fragrance to citrusy and musky ones. When considering the spicier side of this spectrum, this caryophyllene actually has the trophy for the most style. This particular substance exists in different spices and herbs such as basil, black pepper, cannabis, and also oregano. Among these spices, cannabis has a higher level of caryophyllene terpene which delivers the funky and spicy warmth to the nose just similar to the cloves and cinnamon. This substance has the best relationship with the endocannabinoid system which has the best ability of binding to CB2 receptors. 

Exclusive profile of Caryophyllene

Caryophyllene is also known as BCP or Beta-Caryophyllene which is the terpene found in the different kinds of aromatic oils like clove oil, rosemary oil, and also is found in nature. It is most commonly found in cloves, hops, oregano, black pepper, basil, and cinnamon. This particular substance is highly responsible for the minor bite of spiciness related to smelling cracked pepper. It is actually the biggest molecule that other terpenes like limonene and myrcene. When it comes to the molecular structure of caryophyllene, it as well as has the cyclobutene ring which is rarely found in nature. At the same time, this specific ring is not found the event in any other form of cannabis terpene.

It is dissimilar to other forms of terpene because it is the only substance that has the best capability to activate the cannabinoid receptor directory, particularly CB2 receptors.

High strains of Caryophyllene cannabis

The strains of cannabis with a higher level of caryophyllene substance have to be musky and spicy. Similarly, some of them are also known to contain a funky profile. Most of them have famous notes of fuel and diesel which are familiar to cause any nose tingling bite related to taking the smell of pepper.

Some of those strains with the higher caryophyllene than the average amount include,

The higher amount of this specific substance is available in many other forms of strains coming under the cookies family such as Cream, Platinum GSC, Cookies, GC, and also Candyland.

It can be easily found in the strain as it provides a unique aroma.

Most of the topicals of cannabis and salves use strains with the maximum level of caryophyllene which showcases its aromatic profile in nature as also giving therapeutic benefits.

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