420 Guide: What is 420 and what to do on April 20

Thousands of people around the world will be celebrating 420 on April 20th.  For cannabis enthusiasts around the world, 420 is a holiday. Some even will take the day off to celebrate this day.

Where did the term 420 come from?  

Perhaps an urban myth, 420 originated in 1971.   Five high school students in San Rafael California, called “The Waldos” used 420 as a code word where they would meet at 4:20 every day after school to search for an abandoned cannabis crop they had learned about from a treasure map made by the grower.

All 420 puns and celebrations aside, historically April 20th was when protesters and pro-cannabis activists would gather to advocate for the legalization of cannabis.   Since the 90’s, protests would happen around the world on this day.

So what are some things to do on 420?

Eat Edibles

Budderweeds has some amazing edibles. This is a great way to monitor dosing, but also a great way to have fun with cannabis.  

Gather some of your stoner buds

420 should be celebrated as Canada has come a long way to reach legalization.  Celebrate with your friends (or your stoner-friendly family).

Make reservations at a dope place

Have you ever been stoned and just have the munchies?  If you are celebrating 420 this year, try making a reservation at your local eatery.  Decide on a place to go before you start consuming, however, because many tend to get indecisive when lifted.

Take a road trip to a 420 friendly city

For those who are living in provinces where cannabis is hard to find, head over to a weed-friendly city like Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver.   Check out the 420 events in these cities, as they are sure to be large celebrations. Please, however, do not ingest and drive.

Do Some Art, Make Some Music!   

If you are into jamming with friends at the beach or just want to spend some time working on something creative, use this day to get into a creative flow.  

Watch Stoner Movies

Did you know that nearly all the clocks in the pawn shop scene of Pulp Fiction are set to 4:20?  Mind:Blown! Or maybe check out the Stoner classic “The Big Lebowski“.


Go to a 420 Event

Music, munchies, and a bunch of 420 besties hanging out in the same place?  At these events, you will often find great prices on different products that you have never tried before or even get to sample some products. Please however if you are getting to a 420 event, consume within your limit and don’t mix different substances. Read more about the best events around the world below!

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