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The Differences Between CBD and THC

When buying recreational cannabis for the first time it’s easy to get confused. Countless terms [...]

Cannabis Tinctures and Seniors

Medical cannabis was prescribed to countless elderly patients throughout Canada, with the various medicinal benefits [...]

Cannabis Edibles and Drinks – What to Expect from Canada’s Second Wave of Legalization

Recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada on October 17, making it legal to buy dried [...]

Cannabis Suppositories

When we think of cannabis consumption smoking immediately comes to mind first, which makes sense [...]

Useful Tips for Eating Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis edibles are often viewed as the perfect product for beginners looking to try weed [...]

How Canada’s Cannabis Market is Being Stormed By the US

On October 17, 2018 Canada made history by becoming the world’s largest economy to legalize [...]

Entourage Effect and Tincture Ratios

Entourage Effect and Full Spectrum Products The whole cannabis plant contains many active medicinal compounds, [...]

Sativa VS Indica: Myth or Fact?

Sativa VS Indica: Myth or Fact? As a follow-up to our Sativa VS Indica: The [...]

Will Canadian Universities Have to Change Pot Rules After Legalization?

Cannabis Use among Canadian Students Should universities reevaluate their Marijuana rules? Does smoking weed affects [...]

Acreage Pharms

Cannabis Products By Acreage Acreage Pharms is no stranger to the cannabis market, having produced [...]

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