Get Cannabis Concentrates at Budderweeds

As technology behind marijuana continues to advance, more and more people are using the substance recreationally. There are many new ways to consume cannabis, and this makes it an easier decision for people who may not have enjoyed more traditional methods. One form of cannabis that is quickly gaining popularity is known as shatter. If you are interested in learning more about shatter and how to obtain shatter in Montreal, read on below.

What is Shatter?

Shatter, also referred to as honeycomb, oil, crumble, and wax, is a cannabis concentrate that can be dabbed. This means that the concentrate is made by extracting the cannabinoids such as THC and CBD from the marijuana plant. This very pure form of concentrate has a look at feel that resembles that of wax. After it has been smoked and cooled, the resin that is leftover takes on the appearance of a sheet of glass. This sheet is fragile and easily broken if dropped, hence the name shatter.

Benefits of Shatter

Shatter Montreal can provide you with many benefits over the traditional methods of smoking marijuana. Because it is a concentrate, you are getting a higher percentage of the active substances in marijuana – THC and CBD. This means that you will more of the intended effect with a smaller dosage. This higher level of potency means that you can receive a much more desirable high for a lower price.

Shatter also provides you with a cleaner way to consume marijuana. This means that you reduce the risk of any potential damage to your lungs that you may get with a joint or other form of smoking the plant. This allows you to enjoy your high without worrying about coughing or feeling sick.

To some people, shatter provides a more pleasant flavour than regular marijuana smoke. Due the purer content of the substance, it is a cleaner flavour that is not hindered by the burning of other substances that takes place with traditional methods. There will be a more intense weed flavour that won’t be affected by papers or dirty bong water.

Where to get Shatter

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality shatter in Montreal (and across Canada) once it is legal, so that you can enjoy your recreational marijuana experience and benefit from the most intense and pleasurable highs. We will have a variety of different flavours, potency levels, and will even offer several ways to consume your shatter so that you don’t waste any time in reaching your desired high.

Find out what concentrates are available today at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store and Société québécoise du cannabis.