Sativa and Indica – What’s the difference?

Cannabis plants can be divided into two types. Each type has its own set of effects and characteristics that affect the body and mind in different ways. The subtypes are Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa. What are the differences? Canopy Growth knows.

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Origins of Sativa and Indica

Both subspecies of Marihuana arise out of adaptations to climate.

Sativa cannabis comes from the jungles of equatorial zones in countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Jamaica, Colombia and Mexico. In these climates, the plants receive more hours of sun. These countries enjoy minimal variation in the amount of sunlight throughout the year.

Sativa cannabis is able to adapt to the humidity of tropical climates but is unable to resist too low temperatures. Additionally, Sativa Cannabis is able to resist infectious fungi that frequently occur due to moisture.

The Indica Cannabis variety is native to the Hindu Kush, a giant mountain range of more than 800 kilometres. The countries here are Afghanistan, Pakistan, North India and even China, where the weather is quite cold. Indica weed comes from mountainous climates, so these plants produce strains that are able to withstand wind, rain and frost.

Characteristics of Indica and Sativa

Sativa cannabis plants reach a height of approximately 3 to 5 meters, and they tend to be grown outdoors. The leaves are long, thin and the flowering time is longer, lasting about 14 weeks. The production is wide, and the buds tend to be more prominent and more resinous. However, once dried their dry weight tends to be less, since they are less dense. Sativa is perfect for dry production and cannabis oil extraction.

Indica plants, unlike Sativas, only reach a height of 1 to 2 meters, produce fewer buds, but are denser and more substantial. The leaves of the plant are short and thick, and the smell tends to be more pungent.

Effects of Indica and Sativa

Sativa weed produces an effect of euphoria and greater cognitive activity than the Indica plant. The perception is accentuated by a heightening of colours and sounds, stimulating creativity and cognition. Sativa cannabis oil can be an excellent tool for individuals who regularly deal with stress and anxiety.

The Indica plant, on the other hand, produces a very relaxing effect, both on a physical and mental level. This weed is best used at night and is recommended to those people who deal with insomnia during Edmonton´s long nights. Best way to consume is to smoke the cannabis oil.

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