Why Smoking Cannabis Causes Red Eyes & What to Do About It


Why Does Weed Make Your Eyes Turn Red?

You’ve been smoking weed all day. You look in the mirror and you notice red eyes. Have you ever wondered what makes your eyes red after smoking weed? Here’s the Science behind bloodshot eyes after smoking weed.

Science Behind Red Weed Eye

Phytocannabinoids present in the cannabis plant bind with the human body’s endocannabinoid system. While doing so, it reviews the current homeostasis to induce any changes.

When you smoke weed, your blood pressure and heart rate increase. As soon as this increase in blood pressure, the heart rate begins to decrease. The blood capillaries and vessels that transport the blood begin to dilate or expand due to relaxation.

The dilating capillary list also includes ocular capillaries that are present in the eyes. The dilation or expansion of ocular capillaries causes increased blood flow to the eyes. It’s because of this large blood flow that makes the eyes look bloodshot red. Finally this results in decreased intraocular pressure.

Does Reddening of Eye during weed smoke indicate any health risk to the eye?

There is no need to worry about red weed eyes. It’s natural to occur while taking cannabis products. The relaxation of ocular capillaries leading to red eyes doesn’t indicate or induces any health risks to the eye.

Instead, THC’s property in marijuana to reduce intraocular pressure is used in medical therapeutical fields to treat ‘[]’ disease. [] is a leading eye disease that can lead to blindness.

Who is the culprit: Smoke or Cannabis?

A common misconception is there among the people that it is the smoke that causes the redness in the eye.

The truth is that smoke has nothing to do with the red weed eye unless you don’t have any other allergy or irritations with the smoke. Any smoke may cause red-eye for sensitive people, whether it may be from tobacco, Cannabis, or some other smoke source.

For non-sensitive people, the cannabinoids present in the weed, especially the THC, are the exact thing responsible for causing the red-eye. Does that mean other cannabis products such as edibles or concentrates also results in a red weed eye?

Edibles and Red eyes

Any cannabis product may cause red eyes. Similar to smoking, eating edibles, or taking concentrates will also make your eye red. However, to how much extent you’ll notice the redness will depend on THC’s amount present in the product.

Highly potent cannabis products with high THC levels will cause more dark red eyes. Whereas, a product with a low THC level may show a light red color that usually fades after a few hours. Therefore, red eyes act as a sign to indicate that how much potent Cannabis you’ve taken.

Tips For Getting Rid Of Red Eyes Caused By Cannabis

Though having red eyes doesn’t harm the cannabis consumer, but if he/she wishes, these tips will help get rid of red eyes.

Eye Drops

Be ready with the eye drops before taking any cannabis products. Make sure that the eye drops are specially made for reducing the red eyes. Use a few drops when you notice the red weed eyes.


If you want to avoid showing other people that you’ve taken Cannabis, you can wear sunglasses to hide the eyes. These can be beneficial when you go outside.

Drink Water

Keeping yourself hydrated can cause the redness to get vanished soon. So, drink plenty of liquids.

Wait for a few hours

Red weed eye is not a cause for concern, and it will disappear within a few hours or maybe within one hour, depending on the potency or dose of the Cannabis taken.

Shift to low THC stains

While smoking Cannabis, you can choose a low THC stain, which will not make your eyes colored with notable dark red. Keep a plan at which time you’re going to take the smoke. Prefer to have it hours before you go to the workplace or outside so that your eyes will get time to recover.

Finally, next time, don’t worry about a few or dark red colors in your eyes. Along with feeling high, it’s common to have red-eye. Use these tips to make you prepared. 

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