Have you ever wondered about the “Wake and Bake” Phenomenon

Cannabis Wake & Bake: What You Need To Know

Have you ever woken up and consumed cannabis deciding you were going to “Wake and Bake”?

Every morning when your alarm goes off, and you are reminded that you have to go to work and dread it, you may find yourself wanting to take a dab or a toke.  Have you ever wondered what the science behind “Wake and Bake” is?

Although there is no real data, Gallup poll found that ⅔ of the workers across the USA “hate” their jobs or feel no connection to their job.  Most of the people surveyed claim they do the bare minimum for their jobs.

So what is the science of the phenomenon?  With cannabis, there is very little research done, but everyone seems to agree that cannabis first thing in the morning provides an unparalleled high.   This intensity is probably due to the THC in the body being depleted oversleeping hours. Similarly, as there is no competing in uptake with food or alcohol, this uptake is faster and can be more intense. Moreso, there are hundreds of cannabinoids and terpenes that will enhance the uplifting effects.

Tips for a perfect Wake and Bake routine:

Find a strain that will give you the desired effects

Avoid heavy indicas that will give you a couch locked effect.  Rather find a nice balance hybrid or sativa that will stimulate creativity and focus.

Try something that has THC and CBD.

With a nice balance, it will enhance your high, but also it is important if you are going to work that you aren’t too “high”.

Try a Vaporizer

Vaporizers for dried flower are a great way to control the dosage. Generally, when you are lighting a bowl or taking a dab, there is very little control over what the dosage would be.  This is where Vaping shines.

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