Aurora Cannabis May be Big, but Budderweeds is Better

Aurora Cannabis Canadian owned company. Settled in the Rockies in Mountain View County, they boast a 55,200 square foot growing facility. Aurora may produce cannabis on a large scale, but they sacrifice the quality of their marijuana in favor for quantity. Enter Budderweeds, a craft cannabis company located in British Columbia that serves the entire recreational market within Canada, from coast to coast. Especially for customers in Calgary and Edmonton, who’ve proven to be cannabis enthusiasts.

Budderweeds Products

Aurora Cannabis Inc., together with its subsidiaries, delivers and circulates medicinal marijuana products in Canada. Sure they are huge, but Budderweeds cannabis offers more designer cannabis products that recreational users tend to prefer. Some of the products Budderweeds carries are:

Budderweeds is ideal for the first-time user to the cannabis connoisseur. We deliver your desired products to your doorstep within days of your order. All of our products are either dried marijuana or comprised of cannabis oil.

Budderweeds is better than Aurora Cannabis

Budderweeds provides variety

Budderweeds is passionate about sourcing and selling the best cannabis. We take care in selecting small batch; craft grown cannabis that is superior to large-scale industrial grows like Aurora. All of our products are made with precision and passion. Our company operates with a real love and respect for weed, and that shows with the high quality cannabis products that we produce.

Budderweeds also holds frequent deals, making your cannabis habit more affordable. Check out our weekly flash sales by signing up on our website at

Budderweeds also respects your privacy. In addition to plain label and smell-proof packaging we protect your personal information using data encryption. We guarantee your parcel will be delivered or we’ll replace your order free of charge.

Forget the big cannabis corporations, go a company who cares – Budderweeds. Order today.