Aurora Cannabis Versus Budderweeds

Every time one hears of cannabis what comes into one’s mind is the healing power of nature. Cannabis a drug also known as marijuana intended for medical or recreational use. This plant can come in the form of dried flower and cannabis oil, used by vaporizing, smoking, within the food and more!

Who is Aurora?

This is a Canada based company and distributor of medical cannabis with its wide subsidiaries. The company CEO is known Mr. Booth, who is also known to be a workaholic and this explains why this company is sailing high. Aurora has branches all over listing its latest one which is an indoor facility in Pointe-Claire Montreal West Island.

Budderweeds is better than Aurora Cannabis

Reason Why Aurora’s Brand is Doing Good

Unlike other business which their one and only aim is to make profits, Aurora doesn’t in any way fall in this category because it provides outreach and counseling services to help its clients, also offer lessons on more about medical cannabis, its safety, and effectiveness when used properly. It’s one and the only private company that was granted supply agreement through its German subsidiaries to the Italian market.

Budderweeds Sells Quality Craft Cannabis

Aurora is a responsible medical marijuana company, but Budderweeds provides arguably better craft cannabis for the recreational market. When we talk about craft cannabis, this means the process of growing cannabis, generally, the plant needs more care, attention, and patience during this process of growing and curing e.g. organic methods over pesticides, exceptional packaging, and hand trimmed over a machine to retain trichomes. When cannabis is crafted, its quality is retained. And in Budderweeds this is their exact method of sourcing cannabis from their growers and producing phenomenal products. They don’t use any pesticides and this is a big deal for patients with a weak immune system and they don’t gamma-irradiate their product, unlike their competitors.

Varieties and Products

Budderweeds has a wide variety of cannabis like, cannabis oil, CBD which is non-psychoactive (not mood-altering), dried flower, Discreetly Baked vaporizers, among others.

Aurora’s Marketing Strategies

When it comes to customer service in this industry, Budderweeds has a near-obsessive preoccupation with having and giving the best. This includes quick deliveries across Canada, ensures discretion with smell-proof plain label packaging, they offer a guarantee in case the package isn’t delivered, and finally, all data is encrypted so that the privacy is safe. Due to this kind of innovative means, Budderweeds is winning big and has been able to retain its customers and grow its business.

Budderweeds has built its reputation over the years not to mention its outstanding experience in this field. There is no company that cares more than Budderweeds. Simply put, there’s no better place to be than Budderweeds! Look for Budderweeds products at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), Alberta Cannabis, BC Cannabis Store and Societe Quebec de Cannabis.